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Makin' Trouble

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Rob Fowler (ES) & Craig Bennett (UK) - October 2012
"Trouble Maker" - Olly Murs & Flo Rida (iTunes)
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Walk Forward Right, Left, Step ½ Pivot Turn, Step, ¾ Turn Right, Side Step , & Side , Hip Bump
1,2Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left
3&4Step Forward Right, Make ½ Pivot Turn Left, Step Forward Right
5&6Step Forward Left, Make ¾ turn Right, Step left to Left Side,
&7-8Step Right next to Left, Step Left to Left Side, Bump Left Hip Left

& Cross, Side Step , Left Sailor Step, Touch behind, Full Turn Right, Side Step ¼ Turn, Step &
1,2Step Right Next to Left , Cross Left Over Right Step Right to Right Side
3&4Left Sailor Step LRL
5-6Touch Right Behind Left, Make a Full Turn Right
&7-8Step Left to Left Side, Step Right next to Left Making ¼ turn Right, Step Forward Left

Rolling Turn Forward, Rock Step Drag Back, & Cross, Side Step Hip Bump Up Right & Down Right
1&2Make ½ Left stepping back Right, Make ½ turn Left Stepping Forward Left, Step Forward Right
3&4Rock Forward Left, Recover Back Right, Take long step back Left
5&6Hold, Step Right next to Left, Cross Left over Right
7&8Step Right To Right Side Bumping Hip Upwards, Recover Left , Bump Right Hip Downwards

& Cross Side, & Cross Full Turn, Side Hitch & ¼ Turn Left &
1-2Step Left Next to Right, Cross Right over Left, Step Left To Left Side
&3-4Step Right Next To Left, Cross Left Over Right, Make Full Turn Right
5,6Step Right To Right Side, Hitch Left Knee
&7-8Step Left to Left Side, Step Right Behind Left, Make ¼ Turn Left Step Forward Left


Tag at the End of Walls 1 & 3
Right Touch & Left Touch& Right Touch ¼ Turn Right, Side Step, Rolling Turn , Knee Roll, Slide Left
1&2&Touch Right Toe Forward, Step Right Next To Left, Touch Left Toe Forward, Step Left Next To Right
3&4Touch Right Toe Forward, Make ¼ Turn Right Stepping Right To Right Side, Touch Left To Left Side
&5-6Make ¼ turn Left stepping Left next to Right, Make ½ turn Left step back Right, Make ¼ Turn Left Stepping Left To Left Side
7&8Hold, Right Knee Roll Clockwise, Slide Left To Left Side

Hold , & Cross , Side& Cross Side,1/4 Turn Right, 1/2 Turn Right Sweep, Pop Right Knee
1& 2Hold, Step Right Next to Left, Cross Left Over Right
3&4Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Next To Right, Cross Right Over Left
5,6Step Left To Left Side, Make ¼ Turn Right Weight Right
7-8Make ½ Turn Right Sweeping Left Next To Right, Pop Right Knee

Finish for End of Dance
Make a Sailor ½ Turn Right & Brush Left Shoulder With Right Hand Twice on Last 2 Beats !



Murscoughvicky. October 25, 2012
Some how this dance doesnt quite fit right. it may just be me though.

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