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Making History

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Easy Intermediate
Craig Bennett (UK), Dee Musk (UK) & Simon Ward (AUS) - January 2016
History - One Direction : (Album: Made In The A.M - Deluxe Edition - iTunes)
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Notes: 24 Count Intro from Vocals.. approx. 22 secs into track

*2 x Restarts on Walls 1 & 3 on Count 28 (see Restart notes below)

Finish On count 17 with pose facing front wall

[1-8&] Rock R side, Recover L, R tog, Rock L side, Recover R, L tog, Cross/step R, L side 1/8 turn R, R coaster step
1-2&Rock/step right to right side, Recover weight onto left, Step right beside left 12.00
3-4&Rock/step left to left side, Recover weight onto right, Step left beside right 12.00
5-6Cross/step right over left, Step left to left side turning 1/8 turn right 1.30
7&8Step right back, Step left beside right, Step right forward 1.30

[9-16&] Step L, Rock R fwd, Recover L, R tog, Rock L back, Recover R, L tog, Walk fwd R,L,R,L, Pivot 3/8 R
&1-2Step left beside right, Rock/step right forward, Recover weight onto left 1.30
&3-4Step right beside left, Rock/step left back, Recover weight onto right 1.30
&5-6Step left beside right, Step right forward hitching left knee, Step left forward hitching right knee 1.30
7-8&Step right forward hitching left knee, Step left forward, Pivot 3/8 turn right taking weight onto right 6.00

[17-24] Cross/rock L, Recover R, Step L, Cross/rock R, Recover L, Step R, Weave R, Toe touches fwd
1-2&Cross/rock left over right, Recover weight onto right, Step left slightly to left 6.00
3-4&Cross/rock right over left, Recover weight onto left, Step right slightly to right 6.00
5&6&Cross/step left over right, Step right slightly to right, Step left behind right, step right slightly to right 6.00
7&8Touch left toe forward & across right, Step left beside right, Touch right toe forward & across left 6.00

[25-32] R tog, Step L fwd, Touch R beside L, R fwd, Touch L, L fwd, Touch R, R tog, Walkabout left with triple step
&1-2Step right beside left, Step left forward, Touch right beside left 6.00
&3&4Step right slightly forward, Touch left toe beside right, Step left sightly forward, Touch right toe beside left 6.00
(Styling Tip: Bend knees leaning slightly forward)
&5-6Step onto right, Step left forward turning 1/8 turn left 4.30, Make a further ¼ turn left & step right forward 1.30
7&8Make a further 5/8 turn left running around left, right left (Counts 5-8 is making a full turn left) 6.00
&Hitch right knee when completing triple step to restart dance


*2 x Restart (both times facing back wall):
On Walls 1 & 3 you will Restart after count 28 though will you hold count 26
(Touch right beside left) for 2 counts hitting the break of the music.

Last Update - 27th Jan. 2016


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