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Mama Yukero

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Low Improver
Heru Tian (INA) - June 2022
Mama Yu Queiro - Rozzlin
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Intro : - C (Starts on Vocal) - No Tag, No Restart

SECTION 1 : V Step- R 1/4 Turn R Heel Grind-L Back- R Rock Back
1234Step Rf fwd to R Diagonal (1), Step Lf fwd to L Diagonal (2), Step Rf back to Center (3), Step Lf Next to Rf (4)
5678Twist Rf heel fwd, make a ¼ turn R (5), Step Lf back (6), Rock Rf back (7), Recover on Lf (8) facing 3.00

SECTION 2 : R,L Slow Prissy Walk- R Fwd- Pivot 1/2 Turn L- R Fwd- L Scuff
1234Prissy Walk Rf fwd (1,2), Prissy Walk Lf fwd (3,4)
5678Step Rf fwd (5), Pivot ½ turn L, Step Lf in place (6) facing 9.00, Step Rf fwd (7), Scuff Lf (8)

SECTION 3 : LRLR Weave to R- L Cross Rock- L Big Step Side – Hold
1234Cross Lf over Rf (1), Step Rf to Side (2), Cross Lf Behind Rf (3), Step Rf to Side (4)
5678Rock Lf Cross over Rf (5), Recover on Rf (6), Big Step Lf to Side (7), Hold (8)

SECTION 4 : Paddle 1/4 Turn L (X2)- R,L Toe Struts
1234Touch Rf fwd (1), Make a ¼ turn L with hip roll (2), Touch Rf fwd (3), Make a ¼ turn L with hip roll (4) facing 3.00
5678Touch Rf fwd (5), Drop Rf heel down (6), Touch Lf fwd (7), Drop Lf heel down (8) (Optional : you can do hip bump or shimmy, when do toe struts)

Starts again...

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Erni June 29, 2022
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