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Mama's Broken Heart

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Phrased Intermediate - Jive feel
Rex Chuan (USA) - August 2018
"Mama's Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert
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Sequence: A,A,B,A,A,B,A(16)*,Pause**,B,A(8)*

*A(16)/A(8) means dance up to the 16/8 ct
**Pause is 8ct, listen for cue to restart part B

Part A: 32 counts
SA1: Charleston, Walk With Knee-Lifting x4
1&2&3&4&RF in place(1), RF swing right(&), RF point forward(2), RF swing right(&), RF backward(3), LF swing left(&), LF point backward(4), LF swing left(&)
5&6&7&8&LF forward(5), RF flick up(&), RF cross under LF(6), LF flick up(&), LF left(7), RF flick up(&), RF cross over LF(8), LF flick up(&)

SA2: Step, Flick&Kick x3, Sailor Step Turn, Chasse
1&2&3&4LF right(1), RF flick up(&), RF kick diagonally(2), RF flck back(&), RF kick left diagonally(3), RF flick back(&), RF kick right(4)
&5&6RF flick back and right 1/4 turn(&), RF back(5), LF together(&), RF forward(6)
7&8LF forward(7), RF together(&), LF forward(8)(3:00)

SA3: Chassex2, Rock Recover, Side, Slide, Knee-Lift
1&23&4RF right(1), LF together(&), RF right(2), right half turn and LF left(3), RF together(&), LF left(4)(9:00)
5678&RF cross under LF(5), Recover weight on LF(6), RF jump right(7), draw LF toward RF(8), Pop left knee(&) (9:00)

SA4: Side, Cross, Unwind, Pivot
1 2&3 4LF point left(1), shift weight on LF(2), left half turn and RF right(&), LF point back(3), hold(4)(3:00)
5 6 7Unwind 3/4 turn left(5), RF forward(6), half turn left and forward LF(7) (12:00)
&8&Flick up RF(&), kick RF(8), RF flick back up(&)

Part B: 44 counts
SB1: Stomp, Twist Right, Knee Pop x2, Step, Ball Step, Chasse
1&2&Stomp RF right(1), heel swivel right(&), toe swivel right(2), heel swivel right(&)
3&4&Right knee pop(3), RF in place(&), right knee pop(4), RF in place(&)
5&6&LF point left(5), lower body(&), shift weight on RF(6), RF together(&)
7&8Straighten up body and LF left(7), RF together(&), LF left(8)

SB2: Sailor Step Turn, Hop Back With Leg Sweep X3
1&2&3&4Hold(1), sweep LF back(&2&), LF land across under RF(3), RF right(&), right quarter turn and LF forward(4)
5678Hop back and land on RF(5) with LF sweep back, LF land on the back(6) with RF sweep back, RF land on the back(7) with LF sweep back, LF land on the back(8) (3:00)

SB3: Hop & Knee-Bend, Back Hop X2, Hop & Knee-Bend, Back Hop x2
1&2&Hop right diagonally and land on RF(1), LF point next to RF(&) and bend both knees, straighten up(2), bend knees(&)
3&4&Hop backward(3), bend knees(&), hop backward(4), bend knees(&)
5&6&Hop left diagonally and land on LF(5), RF point next to LF(&) and bend both knees, straighten up(6), bend knees(&)
7&8&Hop backward(7), bend knees(&), hop backward(8), bend knees(&)

SB4: Back Skate x4, Step & Tap x2
1234RF back diagonally(1), LF back diagonally(2), RF back diagonally(3), LF back diagonally(4)
5678RF forward(5), right quarter turn and tap LF next to RF(6), LF forward(7), tap RF next LF(8) (6:00)

SB5: Cross&Point with Knee-Lift x2, Back With Knee-Lift X4
&1&2&3&4RF flick up(&) and cross over LF(1), LF flick up(&) point left(2), LF flick up(&) and cross over RF(3), RF flick up(&) and point right(4)
&5&6&7&8RF flick up(&) and back(5), LF flick up(&) and back(6), RF flick up(&) and back(7), LF flick up(&) and back(8)

S6: Jazz Box With Knee-Lift
&1&2&3&4&RF flick up(&) and cross over LF(1), LF flick up(&), right quarter turn and LF left(2), RF flick up(&) and back(3), LF flick up(&) and cross over RF(4), RF flick up(&) (9:00)

Enjoy the dance.



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