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Married Woman

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Intermediate NC2S
Rex Chuan (USA) - September 2018
"I'm in Love With a Married Woman" by Blaine Larsen
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Start after 8ct, with vocal. Tag: no - Restart: no

S1:Lounge, Two-Step Turn, Rock, Two-Step Turn Rock, Two-Step Turn
123RF back(1), 1/4 turn shift weight to RF(2) bend right knee (3:00), Shift weight back to LF(3) (12:00)
4&5two-step left 7/8 turn with L-RF, ending facing 1:30(4&), RF forward (5) (1:30)
6&7Recover weight on LF(6), turn 1/2 right and RF step right, turn 1/4 right and LF forward(7) (10:30)
8&Recover weight on RF(8), left 1/4 turn and LF step left(&)(6:00)

S2: Forward, Hitch, Backward & Sweep, Sailor Step Turn, Pivot Turn, Weave, Sailor Step Turn
123Turn ¼ left and forward RF(1), LF hitch(2), LF backward(3) and sweep RF back for next move (4:30)
4&5Land RF across under LF(4), left 1/4 turn and forward LF(&), RF forward(5) (1:30) sweep LF counter clockwise for next step (1:30)
6&7Left turn 5/8 and land LF forward(6), forward RF(&), right 1/4 turn and LF left(7) sweeping RF back for next step (9:00)
8&Right 1/8 turn and land RF across under LF(8), LF left (&) (10:30)

S3: Forward x2, Cross, Weave, Unwind, Cross, Side
123RF forward(1), LF forward(2), right 1/8 turn and RF cross under LF(3) and hitch LF for next step (12:00)
4&5Land LF across under RF(4), RF right(&), LF cross over RF(5)
67Right half turn(6), and half turn(7) sweeping RF back for next step
8&RF land across under LF(8), LF left(&) (12:00)

S4: Samba x2, Cross, Two-Step Turn, Cross, Two-Step Turn
12&3RF cross over LF(1), LF left(2), weight back on RF(&)
34&LF cross over RF(3), RF right(4), weight back on LF(&)
56&RF cross over LF(5) and sweep LF forward, land LF across over RF(6), left 1/4 turn and RF back(&) (9:00)
78&LF backward (7) and sweep RF back, land RF across under LF(8), left 1/4 turn and forward LF(&) (6:00)

S5: Pivot Turn, Two-Step Turn, Samba, Spiral, RunX2
12RF Forward(1), Swivel left 3/4 turn with LF on air (9:00)
3&4&5LF land forward(3), left 1/2 turn and RF back(&), left 1/4 turn and LF forward(4)(12:00), RF forward(&), LF left(5)
&6Right 1/8 turn and forward RF on toe(&), RF in place flat(6) (1:30)
78&LF forward (7), and swivel full turn right with RF on air, RF land forward(8), LF forward(&) (1:30)

S6: Rock Recover, Pivot, Rock Recover, Sailor Step Turn, Spiral, Two-Step Turn
12&RF forward(1), weight back on LF(2), right half turn and and RF right(&) (7:30)
345LF forward(3), further weigh on LF(4), weight back on RF(5) and LF sweep back for next step
6&LF land across under RF(6), right 3/8 turn and forward RF(&) (12:00)
78&LF forward(7) and right full turn with RF on air, RF forward(8), right half turn and LF backward(&) (6:00)

Ending: Dance ends at count 5 of S2 facing 12:00

Enjoy the dance!



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