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Me Too

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Laura Sway (UK) - July 2016
Me Too - Meghan Trainor : (Album: Thank You, Deluxe)
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Count in: 32 counts from when the beat kicks in.

Sec 1- Step out out, R coaster step, step L FWD, twist body ½ R, twist back ½ L sweeping R from back to front. Step R over L (12.00)
12 3&4Step right to right side(1), step left to left side(2). Step back on the right(3), step left to right(&), step forward on the right(4).
5678Step forward on the left (5), twist body ½ turn right(6), twist back ½ turn left sweeping right foot from back to front(7), step right across left(8).

Sec 2- L to L side, behind & cross, press L to L side pushing L shoulder up & R shoulder down, recover onto R, sailor ¼ L with rock, Sit back on the R foot bending R knee, touching L ball in front, look over right shoulder (9.00)
1 2&3 4Step left to left side(1), step right behind left(2), step left slightly to left side(&), cross right over left(3), press left ball to left side pushing left shoulder up right shoulder down(4)
56&7 8recover wait on to right straightening shoulders up(5), making a ¼ turn left, step left behind right(6), step right slightly to right side(&), rock forward on the left(7). Recover weight back on the right sitting into your right hip, pop left leg in front & look over your right shoulder (8)

Sec 3- step L, step R pivot half turn, weight on L, R shuffle FWD, L shuffle back making ½ R, touch R to L.
123 4&5Step forward on the left(1), step forward on the right (2), pivot ½ turn over left shoulder transferring weight onto left (3), step right forward(4) step left to right(&), step forward on the right(5)
6&7 8making ½ turn over right shoulder step back on the left(6), step right to left(&), step back on the left(7), touch right beside left (8)

Sec 4- R cross samba , kick L & touch, walk around ¾ stepping R,L,R,L. (6.00)
1&2 3&4Cross right over left(1), step left slightly to left side(&), step right in place (2), kick left foot forward(3) step left beside right (&) touch right beside left(4).
5678Walk around ¾ turn over right shoulder stepping right, left, right, left.

Sec 5- R side rock, recover, behind & cross, L side rock, recover, behind & cross.
12 3&4Rock right to right side (1), recover weight on left(2), step right behind left(3) step left to left side(&) cross right over left(4)
56 7&8Rock left to left side (5), recover weight on right (6), step left behind right (7), step right to right side(&) cross left over right (8)
(Restart here on wall 2)

Sec 6- Point R forward, point R side, R sailor step to R diagonal. Walk to R diagonal L, R. Step FWD on the L bumping hips fwd, back fwd. (weight on L)
12 3&4Point right toe forward (1), point right toe to right side (2), step right behind left (3), step left in place(&), step right to right diagonal (4)
56 7&8Walk to right diagonal on the left (5), walk forward on the right(6), step forward onto left pushing hips over the left(7), hips right(&), hips left(8).

Sec 7- ½ turn R stepping FWD on the R bumping hips fwd, back fwd ( weight on R), walk L, R. Rock L side, recover, cross. Rock R side, recover to straighten up to 12.00, cross R.
1&2 34Making a ½ turn over right shoulder still on diagonal with right foot in front bump hips over the right(1), left(&), right (weight on right )(2), walk left(3), walk right(4).
5&6 7&8Rock left out to left side(5) recover weight onto right (&) cross left over right(6)rock right out to right side(7) recover weight onto left straightening up to 12.00 (&) cross right over left(8).

Sec 8- Hinge ½ turn R stepping L, R. Cross & heel, & cross, click right hand up, & cross & touch.
12 3&4Making ½ turn over right shoulder step ¼ back on left(1)make another ¼ stepping right to right side(2) cross left over right(3) step right slightly to right side(&) touch left heel to left diagonal(4)
&56 &7&8quickly step left slightly to left side(&)cross right over left(5)take right hand up and click (6) quickly step left to left side(&) cross right over left(7) quickly step on left (&) touch right beside left(8)

RESTART- there is one restart on wall two after 40 counts.

ENDING- the dance finishes as you do your x4 walks round ¾ turn in section 4. Your be facing 12.00. on the last step push right hand forward and fingers showing ‘two’ palm facing front like peace. (not other way please haha)



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