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Memory To Kerry

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Heather Shepherd - December 2019
Memories - Maroon 5
Weight on the left foot
# Tag: Dance first 32 counts, Stomp R foot next to Left , Kick R foot Forward

[1-8] Step Lock, Shuffle 1/2 turn
1-2-3&4Step Right forward, Step Lock Left Behind Right, ( 1/2 Lock step ) Shuffle 1/2 turn to Right (9.00 o'clock)
5-6-7&8Step Left forward, Step Lock Right Behind Left, ( 1/2 Lock step ) Shuffle 1/2 turn to Left, (12.00 o'clock)

[1-8] Toe, Heel Shuffle
1-2-3&4Right Toe, Heel Shuffle
5-6-7&8Left Toe, Heel Shuffle

[1-8] ‘V’ Step, Step Back Hold x2
1-2-3-4Step Right at 45 deg, Step Left at 45 deg, ( V step )Step back Right foot , Touch Left
Optional arms out Right, Left and Prayer over heart
5-6-7-8Step Left at 45 deg, Step Right at 45 deg, ( V step )Step back Left foot, Touch Right
Optional arms out Left, Right and Prayer over heart

[1-8] Step to side, together, Coaster
1-2-3&4Step Right to side, Step Left together, Coaster step
4-6-7&8Step Left to side, Step Right together Coaster Step.

# 2 count Tag: (after Coaster steps) End of wall 1
Dance first 32 counts, Stomp R foot next to L, Kick R foot forward


Contact: - Phone: 0410614445
Facebook: Cosmic Country Line Dancing

This Dance was Choreographed for Nicole and Flo, on Christmas Day dedicated to their good friend Kerry. RIP

Last Update – 27 March 2020


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