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Mercy (高抬貴手) (zh)

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Kate Sala (UK) - February 2008
Mercy - Duffy : (CD: Single)
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前奏: 64 count intro. 64拍後起跳
Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Step, Mambo Step, Touch Behind, Reverse ½ Turn, Side Rock. , 1/2, , 曼波, 後點, 1/2, 側下沉
1 2 3
Step forward on R. Pivot ½ turn L. Step forward on R. 
右足前踏, 左轉180, 右足前踏
4 & 5
Rock forward on L. Rock back on R. Step back on L. 
左足前下沉, 右足後下沉, 左足後踏
6 7
Touch R toe behind. Pivot ½ turn R. 
右足趾後點, 右轉180
8 1
Rock on L out to L side. Recover on to R. 
左足左下沉, 右足回復
Weave R, Side Rock R, Weave L. 
右藤步, 右側下沉, 左藤步
2 3 4
Cross step L over R. Step R to R side. Cross step L behind R.
左足於右足前交叉踏, 右足右踏, 左足於右足後交叉踏
5 6
Rock out on R to R side. Recover on to L. 
右足右下沉, 左足回復
7 8
Cross step R behind L. Step L to L side. 
右足於左足後交叉踏, 左足左踏
Step Together, Heel Bounce x 2 With ¼ Turn L, Coaster Step, Walk x 2, Mambo Step ¼ Turn R. 
併踏, 足踵左轉1/4彈跳2, 海岸步, 走步2, 右轉1/4曼波
1 2 3
Step R next to L. Bounce heels x 2 completing a ¼ turn L. 
(As you lift the heels pop your knees forward). 
右足併踏, 足踵左轉90度彈跳2
(Bounce:抬起足踵, 向前移動膝蓋)
4 & 5
Step back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L.
左足後踏, 右足併踏, 左足前踏
On wall 6 HOLD from here for 3 counts, start again from the beginning of the dance, facing 12 o’clock  第六面牆候3, 從頭起跳, 面向12點鐘
6 7
Walk forward on R, L.   走步(, )
8 & 1
Rock forward on R. Rock back on L. Turn ¼ R stepping R to R side. 
右足前下沉, 左足後下沉, 右轉90度右足右踏
Swivel In Toe, Heel, L Sailor Step, Sway Hips R, L, R Sailor Step. 
足趾轉動, 足踵, 左水手步, 擺臀 右, , 右水手步
2 3
Swivel L toe in. Swivel L heel in. (Keep weight on R). 
左足趾轉向內, 左足踵轉向內(重心在右足)
4 & 5
Cross step L behind R. Step R to R side. Step L in place. 
左足於右足後交叉踏, 右足右踏, 右足原地踏
6 7
Sway hips R, Sway hips L.   右擺臀, 左擺臀
8 & 1
Cross step R behind L. Step L to L side. Step R in place. 
右足於左足後交叉踏, 左足左踏, 右足原地踏
Kick, Touch Back, Kick Ball Change, Toe Strut, Mambo Step. 
, 後點, 踢交換步, 趾踵步, 曼波
2 3
Kick L forward. Touch L toe back. 
左足前踢, 左足趾後點
4 & 5
Kick L forward. Step down on ball of L. Step R in place. 
左足前踢, 左足踏, 右足原地踏
6 7
Toe strut forward on L.  左足趾前點, 左足踵踏(趾踵步)
8 & 1
Rock forward on R. Rock back on L. Step back on R. 
右足前下沉, 左足後下沉, 右足後踏
Walk back x 2, Coaster Step With ¼ Turn R, Full Turn L, Shuffle. 
後走步2, 右轉1/4海岸步, 左轉圈, 交換步
2 3
Walk back on L, R.  後走步(, )
4 & 5
Turn ¼ R stepping back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L. 
右轉90度左足後踏, 右足併踏, 左足前踏
6 7
Turn ½ L stepping back on R. Turn ½ L stepping forward on L. 
左轉180度右足後踏, 左轉180度左足前踏
8 &
Step forward on R. Step L next to R. 
(Step forward on R to complete the shuffle but this step is count 1 starting again). 
右足前踏, 左足併踏


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