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Mercy! Mercy!

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Kerry Hughes (AUS) - September 2008
Mercy - Duffy
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Intro: 16 count introduction

Right Kick, Ball, Step, Right Kick, Ball Step, Right Rocking Chair
1&2-3&4 Right kick, ball step, right kick, ball, step
5-8 Right rocking chair (forward right, back left, large step back right, forward left)

Right Dorothy, Left Dorothy, ¼ Pivots Left Twice
1-2&-3-4& Dorothy right-left-right on diagonal, Dorothy left-right-left on diagonal
5-8 Forward right, pivot ¼ left (9:00), forward right, pivot ¼ left (6:00)

Right Rocking Chair, Cross Right, Point Left, Cross Left, Point Right
1-4 Right rocking chair (forward right, back left, large step back right, forward left)
5-8 Cross right over left, point left to side, cross left over right, point right to side

Right Cross And Cross, Shuffle ¼ Left, Right Forward, Left Back, Right ½ Turn Shuffle
1&2 Cross right over left, side left, cross right over left
3&4 Shuffle ¼ left stepping left-right-left (3:00)
5-6-7&8 Forward right, back left, ½ turn shuffle right-left-right (9:00)

Forward Left, Back Right, Side Left, Hold, Right Cross And Heel, Left Cross And Cross
1-4 Forward left, back right, side left, hold
5&6& Cross right over left, side left, right heal forward, right side
7&8 Left cross over right, side right, left cross over right
RESTART from here on wall 6

Right Side, Hold & Click, Pivot ½ Over Left, Hold And Click, Right Cross Samba, Left Cross Samba
1-4 Right side, hold and click, pivot ½ over left stepping left (3:00), hold and click
5&6-7&8 Right cross samba, left cross samba


TAG: On walls 2 & 4 add these 16 counts (almost exact reverse of last 16 of dance)
Forward Right, Back Left, Side Right, Hold, Left Cross And Heel And, Right Cross And Cross
1-4 Forward right, back left, side right, hold
5&6& Cross left over right, side right, left heal forward, left side
7&8 Right cross over left, side left, right cross over left

Left Side, Hold, Pivot ½ Over Right, Hold, Left Cross Samba, Cross Right Over Left, Side Left
1-4 Left side, hold, pivot ½ over right stepping right, hold
5&6-7&8 Left cross samba, right cross over left, step left

RESTART: On wall 6 dance to count 40 and restart


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