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Claire Denney (CAN) - February 2021
Mexicoma - Bucky Covington
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Start on vocals: Intro 16 counts

I was looking for a beginner dance to teach kick ball changes and also the sweep motion steps to dancers moving up a level from the basic steps.

A: Right Kick Ball Change, Walk, Walk, Step Back Touches x 2
1 & 2R. kick forward, R. step beside L, Step L foot beside R
3 - 4R. walk forward, L. walk forward
5 - 6R. step diag back right (5:00), L. touch beside R.
7 - 8L. step diag back left (7:00), R. touch beside L

B: Step Right, Tog, Step Right, Touch, Step Left, Tog, Step Left, Touch
1 - 2Step right, Step left beside right,
3 - 4Step right, Touch left beside right
5 - 6Step left, Step right beside left
7 - 8Step left, Touch right beside left

C: Step, Sweep, Step, Sweep, Right Jazz Box
1 - 2R. step forward, Sweep left from back to front
3 - 4L. step forward, Sweep right from back to front of L.
5 - 8R. cross, L. step back, R. step beside L, L. step beside R

D: Touch, Step, Touch, Step, 1/4 Monterey Right
1 - 2R. touch right, R. step beside L
3 - 4L. touch left, L. step beside R
5 - 6Touch right, 1/4 turn right stepping beside L (3:00)
7 - 8Touch left, L. step beside R.

Dance will finish at 9:00 section C so make the jazz box 1/4 right to finish at 12:00



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