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Mi Encanto

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High Beginner
Aurora de Jong (USA) - December 2021
Colombia, Mi Encanto - Carlos Vives : (from the movie Encanto, Disney)
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Dance begins 16 counts after the hard beat begins

There is a 16 count tag after Walls 1 and 2

[1-8]: Side together, side, cross rock, recover, back mambo
1-4step R to right (1), step L to R (2), step R to right (3), rock L across R (4)
5-8Recover to R (5), replace L next to R (6) rock R back (7), recover to L (&), step R to L (8)

[9-16]: Side together, side, cross rock, recover, back mambo
1-4step L to left (1), step R to L (2), step L to left (3), rock R across L (4)
5-8Recover to L (5), replace R next L (6), rock L back (7), recover to R (&) step L to R (8)

[17-24]: 2 1/2 pivot turns, cross point, point forward, point side
1-4Step R forward (1), pivot 1/2 left transferring weight to L (2) (6:00); repeat counts 1-2 (12:00)
5-8step R forward (5), point L to left (6), point L forward (7), point L to left (8)

[25-32]: Cross point, point forward, point side, right shuffle back, left shuffle forward 1/4 turn left
1-4step L forward (1), point R to right (2), point R forward (3), point R ro right (4)
5-8step R back (5), step ball of L to R (&), step R back (6), step L forward, turning 1/4 left (7), step ball of R to L (&) step L forward (8) (9:00)

To finish dance at 12:00, on wall 9 omit the 1/4 left turn in count 31 and do a left shuffle back!

TAG: 16 count tag (after walls 1 and 2):
Alternating R and L step-ball-step while turning 360 clockwise (right). You will start and finish at the same wall.
1&2 Step R to right (1), step ball of L to R (&), recover to R (2)
3&4 Step L to left (3), step ball of R to L (&), recover to L (4)
5-16 Repeat counts 1-4 a total of 4x while slowly rotating in a clock-wise circle back to the wall you started from




Herman Baso December 28, 2021

ADJ December 28, 2021
Thank you, Herman Baso

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