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Mi Rumbera

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Beginner / Intermediate
Angels H. Guix (ES) & Enric Nonell (ES) - October 2017
Mi Rumbera by LĂ©rica. Album: Mi Rumbera Single. Length: 3'30''
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Note: The song has 13 seconds introduction, a 4 counts short intro acappella plus 16 counts intro with some drum and classical guitar notes.
Start the dance after this introduction on the stronger bass guitar beat.

Note: There is a 4 counts Tag after 2nd and 6th repetition.
Just add “½ pivot turn left x2” to fill each 4 counts Bridge of the music. It coincide with the lyric “Ay, ay ,ay Rumbera…”

[1-8] Step, step, Shuffle, step, step, shuffle
1,2Step RF forward, step LF forward
3&4Step RF forward, step LF together, step RF forward
5,6Step LF forward, step RF forward
7&8Step LF forward, step RF together, step LF forward

[9-16] ½ pivot turn left, left full turn, rock forward, coaster step, tap, tap, step forward
1,2Step RF forward, ½ turn left and step LF forward
3½ turn left and step RF backward
4½ turn left and rock LF forward
5&6Step RF backward, step LF together, step RF forward
7&8Tap on ball of LF in place, tap on ball of LF a little further, step on LF forward

[17-24] Hip sway right-left-right, ¼ turn left & shuffle forward, ½ turn sailor step, step left
1,2,3Step RF to right and sway right hip to right, sway left hip to left, sway right hip to right
4&5¼ turn left and step LF forward, step RF together, step LF forward
6&7Step RF behind LF, ¼ turn right and step LF to left, ¼ turn right and step RF forward
8Step LF to left

[25-32] Rock step right, cross shuffle, rock step left, weave
1,2Rock RF to right, recover on LF
3&4Cross RF over LF, step LF to left, cross RF over LF
5,6Rock LF to left, recover on RF
7&8Step LF behind RF, step RF to right, cross LF over RF

Start again

TAG: 4 counts Tag at the end of 2nd and 6th repetition
[1-4] ½ pivot turn left x2
1,2Step RF forward, ½ turn and step LF forward
3,4Step RF forward, ½ turn and step LF forward

Àngels & Enric: (+34) 666771697 - -

Last Update - 22nd Nov. 2017


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