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Midlers Way

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Absolute Beginner
Adrian Churm (UK)
Tell Him - Bette Midler : (Album: It's The Girls)
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Sec 1 Rumba box making 1/8th turn left.
1 - 4Step left foot to the side, close next to left, step left foot forward, hold.
5 - 8Step right foot to the side, close left next to right, making an 1/8th turn left step right foot back, hold.

Sec 2 Side, together, forward, hold, (making 1/8th turn left.) Charleston, hold.
1 - 4Step left foot to the side, close right next to left, making an 1/8 turn left step left foot forward, hold.
5 - 8Swing right foot around to touch forward, hold, swing right foot around to step back, hold.

Sec 3 Mambo back, hold, shuffle forward, hold.
1 - 4Rock left foot back, recover forward onto right, step left foot forward, hold.
5 - 8Shuffle forward R,L,R, hold

Sec 4 1/2 turn right, step left forward, 3 quick runs forward, hold.
1 - 4Step left foot forward, make a 1/2 turn right (weight ends forward on right) step left foot forward, hold.
5 - 8Run forward ,R,L,R (small steps) hold.

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dancer33 April 10, 2016
On my list for Monday love this ����

catman May 4, 2016
Very nice, but I'm teaching it syncopated at 16 counts and it will NOT be in my AB or even my beginner class.

dancer33 May 4, 2016
I taught this to absolute beginners last Thursday they loved it it was a very easy teach . I don't teach 8th's I just call start to turn left they picked it up no problem. I taught the half turn on a quick quick slow . Great little dance .

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