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Mind On Fishin'

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Elisabeth Elkuch-Heid (LIE) - June 2020
Mind On Fishin' by Trace Adkins (6th of June 2020)
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[1-8] R Heel, L Heel, R Heel Hook Heel, L Heel, R Heel, L Heel Hook Heel
1&2&R Heel Fwd, Back Center, L Heel Fwd, Back Center
3&4&R Heel Fwd, R Hook L, R Heel Fwd, Back Center
5&6&L Heel Fwd, Back Center, R Heel Fwd, Back Center
7&8&L Heel Fwd, L Hook R, L Heel Fwd, Back Center

[9-16] R Step Fwd 1/2 Turn L, R Step Fwd 1/4 Turn L, Cross, Weave L, Side Rock Cross
1,2R Step Fwd, 1/2 Turn L
3&4R Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn L, Step Cross R over L
5&6&L Step left, Step R behind L, L Step left, Step R over L
7&8L Step left, Recover R, Step L over R
Tag/Restart: During Wall 5 Dance till here and add 2 Steps and Restart the Dance
1,2Step in Place R, Step in Place L

[17-24] Step R to right side, Step L Behind R, R Shuffle 1/4 Turn right, 1/2 Turn right, Step 1/4 Turn right Cross
1,2R Step to right, Step L behind R
3&4R Shuffle 1/4 Turn right,
5,6Step Fwd L 1/2 Turn right, Step Fwd R
7&8Step Fwd L, 1/4 Turn right on R, Cross L over R

[25-32] Rumba Box Back, Mambo, Coaster Step
1&2R to Right, L next to R, Step R Back
364L to Left, R next to L, Step Fwd L
5&6Step R Fwd, Recover L, Step Back R
7&8Step L Back, Step R next to L, Step Fwd L

Tag/Restart here after Wall 2: Repeat Mambo Step, Coaster Step and add 2 Steps in place:
1&2Step R Fwd, Recover L, Step Back R
3&4Step Back L, Step R next to L, Step Fwd L
5,6Step in Place R, Step in Place L

Last Update – 23 June 2020



raphaela June 15, 2020
Thanks Betty and Herby for your great work - thanks for the great teaching and demonstrating the dance (and the matching Pictures Betty ;-)

raphaela June 17, 2020
Marita, gracias para el demo video y el teaching - gracias para tu trabajo y poner nuestros fotos - bonito echo el titulo

raphaela June 19, 2020
Penny Tan - thank you so much for the fantastic demo and walk thru - just perfect - excellent - thank you so much. Love, Lizzy

tommie June 22, 2020
Lovely dance just the it

tommie June 22, 2020
Try it

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