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Mind Your Own Biscuits
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Donna Manning & Nicole Goetz (April 2015)
Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves
# 16 count intro from heavy beat

Phrasing: 32, Tag, 32, 28*, 32, Tag, 32, 8**, Tag, 32, Tag, 32, 32, 25*** To The End.
Don’t let this scare you, the only tricky part is wall 3…..and wall 10 promise.

Sec. 1 (1-8) Triple, Cross-Unwind, Coaster, Half, Half
1&2, 3,4Step R back, close ball of L to R, step R back, Cross ball of L over R, unwind ½ turn to the R taking weight to the L
5&6, 7,8Step R back, close L to R, step R fwrd (toe out), ½ turn R step back on L, ½ turn R step fwrd on R (6:00)

Sec.2 (9-16) Step, ¼ Turn, Crossing Triple, ¼, ¼, Kick and Side
1,2, 3&4Step L fwrd, ¼ turn R taking weight, cross L over R, R to R side, cross L over R
5,6, 7&8&¼ turn L step back on R, ¼ turn L step L to L side, Kick R fwrd, R back to center, step L to L side, R back together to center (3:00)

Sec.3 (17-24) Heel Split, Flick, Heel Split, Flick ¼ , Point-full turn Monterey, L Rock & Cross****
1&2&Split both heels out, bring heels together taking weight to L, flick R heel out to side, bring back together
3&4&Split both heels out, bring heel together taking weight to R, flick L heel out to side, bring back together As you make a ¼ turn to L, taking weight to L (12:00)
5,6Point R toe to R side, as you make a full turn on the ball of L over the R shoulder taking weight to ball of R as you get to about ¾ around to complete 7&8 finishing the full turn
7&8Rock L out to side, recover to R, cross L over R (12:00)

Sec.4 (25-32) Scissor, Scissor ¼ , Step, Stomp, Step, Stomp
1&2R to R side, bring L to R taking weight, cross R over L
3&4L to L side, as you make ¼ turn R on the ball of L step R to side taking weight, cross L over R
5, 6Step R to diagonal, drag L to R stomping L next to R (do not change weight) *take weight wall 3*
7, 8Step L to diagonal, drag R to L stomping R next to L (do not change weight) (3:00)

TAG: EACH time there is a slow down
1, 2&Rock R fwrd (1), Recover to L (2), very small hitch with R (&)

*Alteration for wall 3 – the first time you start at 6:00
You will do the first 6 counts of the first 8, do the next 16, then only the first 6 of the last 8 taking weight to L count 6.

**Wall 6 – Only do the first 8 add a L little ball step to get into the R fwrd Rock Step tag

***Wall 10 – Similar to wall 3
Do the first 6 counts of the first 8, do the next 16 counts and you will finish the dance with the next 3 counts.

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