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Mini Katchi

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Gabi Jasser (DE) - March 2018
Katchi - Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse
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Intro: 32 Counts

Section 1: RF Step fwd, Touch, Back, Coaster Step, Step 1/2 Turn Right, Left
1-3Step RF forward, touch left toes beside RF, step LF back
4&5Step RF back, close LF next to RF, step RF forward
6-7Step LF forward, make 1/2 turn right (weight ends on RF) (6:00)
8Step LF left

Section 2: Behind & Kick-Ball-Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Side, Close
1&Cross RF behind LF, close LF next to RF
2&3Kick RF to right diagonal, close RF next to LF, cross LF over RF
4Step RF right
5&6Cross LF behind RF, step RF right, cross LF over RF
7-8Step RF right, close LF next to RF (weight ends on LF)

Section 3: Step-1/8 Turn x2, Syncopated Jazz Box, Step
1-4Step RF forward, turn 1/8 left (weight on LF), step RF forward, turn 1/8 left (weight ends on LF) (3:00)
5-6&7Cross RF over LF, step LF back, step RF small step right, step LF forward
8Step RF forward

Section 4: Rock Step, Shuffle Back, Back Rock, Kick Ball Step
1-2Step LF forward, recover onto RF
3&4Step LF back, close RF next to LF, step LF back
5-6Step RF back, recover onto LF
7&8Kick RF forward, step RF next to LF, step LF forward

Tag 1: After walls 3 and 6 (facing 9:00) dance the following 8 counts, then start dance again facing 12:00
4x Paddle Turn Left, Step RF right,
1&2&3&4&Do 4 paddle turns left to 12:00: 4x Touch right toes forward, turn left (nearly 1/4)
5-8Step RF right and sway hips right-left-right-left (weight ends on LF)

Tag 2: After wall 8 (facing 6:00) dance tag 1 again, paddeling only 1/2 turn to 12:00

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Last Update - 29th March 2018


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