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Misty Blue
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Julia Wetzel (Jan 2012)
Misty Blue by Monica (CD: The Boy Is Mine). 4m 21s
Intro: 16 counts (approx. 16 seconds into track) V4

[1 – 9] Step, Spiral, Side, Cross, Recover, Side, Sway, Sway, ½ Sweep, Cross, Scissor, Step
1-3Step fw on R (1), step fw on L and spiral full turn R on L (2), step R to R side (3) 12:00
4&a5Cross L over R (4), recover on R (&), step L to L side (a), sway hip to R (5)
6-7Sway hip L (6) (prep for turn), ½ R turn on R sweeping L from back to front (7) 6:00
8&a1Cross L over R (8), step R to R side (&), step L next to R (a), step fw on R to L diagonal (1) 4:30

[10 – 16] Step, Ball, ½ Pivot, Step, Full Turn, Step, Rock, Recover, Back, Cross, Back, Back, Cross
2a3Step fw on L (2), place the ball of R fw (a), pivot ½ turn L on ball of R ending with weight on R, L leg is straight with L toe pointed fw (3) (torque upper body to R side prepping for L turn) 10:30
4&a5, 6Step fw on L (4), ½ turn L step back on R (&), ½ turn L step fw on L (a), step fw on R (5), rock fw on L (6)
7&a8&aRecover on R (7), step back on L (&), cross R over L (a), step back on L (8), step back on R (&), cross L over R (a)
*Restart on Wall 4 here ~ see description below ~ 10:30

[17 – 25] 1/8 Sweep, Behind, ¼, Step, ½ Pivot, ¼ Side, Touch, ¼ Hip Swivel, Point, Sailor, Behind Sweep
1-31/8 turn L on R sweep L from front to back (1) (9:00), step L behind R (2), ¼ turn R on R (3) 12:00
4a5Step fw on L (4), pivot ½ R turn on R (a), ¼ turn R taking big step to L side on L while dragging R to L (5) 9:00
6a7Touch R toe next to L bring R knee in (6), Turn ¼ R stepping R directly behind L, opening R hip to R side, weight is on R with R leg straight and L knee bent (a), straighten L leg and point L toe fw (7)
8&a1Sweep L from front to back and step L behind R (8), step R to R side (&), step L to L side (a), step R behind L sweeping wide with L from front to back (1) 12:00

[26 – 32] Sailor, Behind, Scissor, Cross, ½, Side, Pirouette, Step, Coaster
2&a3Step L behind R (2), step R to R side (&), step L to L side (a), step R behind L (3) 12:00
4&a5Step L to L side (4), step R next to L (&), cross L over R (a), step R to R side and turn ½ L on R (5) 6:00
6-7Step L to L side and point R to R side (6) (torque upper body to L side prepping for R turn), full turn R on ball of R tucking L foot behind R calf/ankle (7)
Easy Option: Step L to L side and sway hip to L side (6), sway hip to R side (7)
8&aStep fw on L (8), step back on R (&), step L next to R (a) 6:00

Restart: On Wall 4, dance up to count 16 (step back on L facing 4:30) then do the following steps:
1/8 turn R stepping R to R side straightening to 6:00 (&), step fw on L (a),
Start Wall 5 facing 6:00

Contact: Julia_Wetzel@yahoo.com, - https://sites.google.com/site/julia1wetzel/

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