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Mixed Up
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Pat Stott (UK) Carrie Ann Green (Almeria, Spain) March 2014
Little Mix – Word Up – Sports Relief official Charity track 2014
Dance Choreographed from the music on the official video on YouTube - http://youtu.be/e9zc9fgVKLA

16 Count intro from main beat, commence after 23 seconds from start of track.- No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Walk Forward R,L, Shuffle Fwd, Step ½ Turn, L Kick Ball Change
1-2Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L,(with attitude!)
3&4Shuffle fwd R, (R,L,R)
5-6Step L fwd pivot ½ turn R, (6.00)
7&8Kick L forward, step on L ball beside R, step R in place

Section 2: L Cross Samba, R Cross Samba, L Jazz box ¼ turn (L), touch
1&2L Cross Samba Cross Left Over Right, Rock Right to Right Side, Recover on Left
3&4R Cross Samba Cross Right Over Left, Rock Left to Left Side, Recover on Right
5-6Cross Left over Right. Step Right back
7-8Make 1/4 turn Left stepping Left forward, touch Right next to Left (3.00)

Section 3: Step Slide, Touch Kickball Cross, Step Slide, Touch Kickball Stomp Fwd
1,2 3&4Step to right, slide L touch L (optional snake roll/upper body roll to R) , Kick L, ball, cross
567&8Step to Left, slide R touch R (optional snake roll/upper body roll to L) Kick R, ball, stomp forward L

Section 4: R Fwd Rock Recover, Shuffle ½ , Step pivot ¼ , Cross Shuffle
1-2Fwd Rock on R recover L
3&4shuffle 1/2 turn right - R,L,R, (9.00)
5-6Step forward on left, 1/4 pivot right (12.00)
7&8Cross Left in front of Right, Step Right to Right side, Cross Left in front of Right
Alternative: replace steps 3&4 with 1 &1/2 triple right

Section 5: Side Touch, Turn 1/8 Touch, Side Touch, Turn 1/8 Touch
1-4Step R To right, touch L,( arms wave in air L to R, click fingers), 1/8th turn L stepping to left Side Touch R (Arms wave in air R to L, click fingers)
5-8Step R , touch L (Arms wave in air L to R, click fingers) , 1/8th turn L stepping left to left, Touch R (Arms wave in air R to L, click fingers) (9.00)

Section 6: Lunge/press right, turn 3/4 left on left, walk back right, left, coaster step, walk forward left, right
1-2Lunge and press to right (prepare for turn with a body twist to right, hitch right and turn on left foot 3/4 left (12.00)
3-4step back on right, step back on left
5&6Step back on right, close left to right, forward on right
7-8Walk forward - left,right

Section 7: Mambo forward, touch back, turn 1/4 right, twist left, step, half pivot
1&2Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right. Step back on Left
3-4Touch right toe back, Reverse 1/4 right transferring weight to right (3.00)
5-6Twist 1/4 left transferring weight to L, step forward on right (12.00)
7-8Step forward on left, 1/2 pivot right transferring weight to right (6.00)

Section 8: Stomp, stomp, applejacks, 2 heel switches, big step forward, close left to right
1-2Stomp fwd left, stomp right next left slightly apart
& 3Weight on heel of left, ball of right - left toes to left & right heel in, centre up
&4Weight on heel of right, ball of left - right toes to right & left heel in, centre up
5&6&2 heel switches - right heel fwd, close, left heel fwd, close
7-8Big step forward on right (lean back slightly), close left to right(straighten up)

End of dance: After cross shuffle, Cross R over L, unwind to face front wall.

Contacts: patstott1@hotmail.co.uk - dizzyc71@hotmail.com

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