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Mojito Cha

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Sophia KSF (MY) - June 2020
Mojito - Jay Chou (周杰倫)
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Start 18 sec into music

Section 1: LF forward 2 steps, LF chasse forward. ½ turn left & RF chasse forward
1LF forward
2RF forward
3&4LF forward (3) RF cross behind LF (&) LF forward (4)
5RF forward
6Pivot ½ turn left, LF forward, facing 6 O’clock
7&8RF forward (7) LF cross behind RF (&) RF forward

Section 2 : Hip twist ¼ right turn, chasse backwards on RF, touch LF next to RF, hip twist, transferring weight from RF to LF and back for the last 4 counts, ending weight on RF
1Touch LF to RF making a ¼ turn right at the same time (Hip Twist), facing 9 O’clock
2LF forward
3&4RF back with ½ turn left, facing 3 O’clock (3) cross LF in front of RF (&) RF back (4)
5touch LF next to RF with right hip twist
6Hip twist, transferring weight from RF to LF
7&8Hip twist, transferring weight to RF (7) hip twist left (&) hip twist right, transferring weight back to RF

Section 3 : Point LF forward & left, L sailor. Point RF forward & right, R sailor
1LF point forward
2LF point left
3&4Cross LF behind RF, step RF next to LF, step LF to left
5RF point forward
6RF point right
7&8Cross RF behind LF, step LF next to RF, step RF to right

Section 4 : Side step left, LF chasse forward with ¼ turn left. RF forward, ¼ turn left RF cross over LF. Point LF to left with shoulder twist
1LF to left
2Close RF to LF
3&4LF forward with ¼ turn left (3) cross RF behind LF (&) LF forward (4), facing 12 O’clock
5&6RF forward (5) ¼ left turn with LF in place (&) RF forward cross left, facing 9 O’clock
7&8Point LF to left, twist shoulder twice

(Comes in at Wall 5 after 16 counts of Part 1)
Section 1: Forward left with ¼ left turn, step right w shoulder pump, close LF to right, step left with shoulder pump & close RF to LF
1LF step forward with ¼ turn left (12 O’clock)
2-3RF to right with chest pump
4Close LF to RF
5-7LF to left with chest pump
8Close RF to LF
Section 2 : RF right, close LF to right. LF left ¼ left, close RF to LF. RF right ¼ left, close LF to RF. LF left ¼ left, close RF to LF
1RF to right
2Close LF to RF
3LF left with ¼ turn left (9 O’clock)
4Close RF to LF
5RF right with ¼ turn left (6 O’clock)
6Close LF to RF
7LF left with ¼ left turn (3 O’clock)
8Close RF to LF

Section 3 : RF back, LF on ball of foot. LF back, RF on ball of foot. RF back, LF on ball, cross samba right
1RF back
2LF on ball of foot
3LF back
4RF on ball of foot
5RF back
6LF on ball of foot
7&8LF forward cross (7) RF side step to right, on ball of foot (&) LF in place (8)

Section 4 : Cross samba left, hitch LF across to right, cross samba right, cross samba left
1&2RF forward cross (1), LF to left side on ball of foot (&), RF in place (2)
3&4Hitch LF across body (3), point LF to left (&), hitch LF across body (4)
5&6LF forward cross (5), RF to right side on ball of foot (&), LF in place (6)
7&8RF forward cross (7), LF to left side on ball of foot (&), RF in place (8)

Note : The rest of the dance will continue with Part 1 after the completion of Part 2


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