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Intermediate WCS
Simon Ward (AUS), Maddison Glover (AUS) & Chris Watson (AUS) - March 2018
I'd Be Jealous Too - Dustin Lynch : (Album: Current Mood)
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Notes: Dance starts on vocals (approx. 4secs),
Restart on wall 2 after count 8, Dance ends facing front wall

[1-8] R fwd, ¼ turn R, R sailor step turning ¼ R, Pivot ½ L, ¼ L stepping R side, Weave L
1-2Step right forward, Turn a ¼ turn right &step left to left 3.00
3&4Step right behind left, Step left slightly to left side, Turn ¼ turn right and step right forward 6.00
(bend knees slightly planting weight onto right)
5-6Pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left 12.00, Turn ¼ turn left &step right to right side sweeping left back 9.00
7&8Step left behind right, Step right to right side, Cross/step left over right 9.00

[9-17] R side, L heel, Hold, L tog, Cross R, L side, R tog, Heel pump, Cross L, R side, L coaster step to 7.30
&1-2Step right to right side, Touch left heel to left diagonal angling body to 7.30, Hold
&3&4Step left beside right, Cross step right over left, Step left to left side facing 9.00, Step right beside left facing 10.30
&5Raise both heels up on balls of feet, Drop heels taking weight onto right 10.30 (heel pump)
6-7Cross/step left over right, Step right to right side turning to 9.00
8&1Turn 1/8 turn left & step left back, Step right beside left, step left forward 7.30

[18-24] R fwd, L mambo, Hitch R, Back R,L, R coaster cross/step
2Step right forward 7.30
3&4Rock/step left forward, Recover weight onto right, Step left back hitching right knee 7.30
5&6Hold, Step right slightly back, Step left slightly back 7.30
7&8Step right slightly back, Step left beside right, Step right slightly fwd & across left 7.30

[25-32] L side, Step R behind L, Hold, L side, Cross R, Rock L, Recover R, Cross L, R side, L sailor ½ turn L
&1-2Step left to left side to 9.00, Step ball of right behind left, Hold 9.00
&3Step left slightly to left, Cross/step right over left
4&5Rock/step left to left side, Recover weight onto right, Cross/step left over right 9.00
6Step right to right side sweeping left slightly back 9.00
7&8Step left behind right, Step onto right turning ¼ turn left, Cross/step left over right slightly turning a further ¼ turn left 3.00 (½ turn sailor step)


Choreographed By: Simon Ward,
Maddison Glover Chris Watson & AU, March 18


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