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More Than I Say

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Chris Jacques (USA) - June 2022
You Make It Look So Easy - Eric Church
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Restarts: 2 - Tags: 1
Intro: Start on vocals, 16 counts after guitar (~36 sec)

[1-8] Step forward w/sweep, Cross, ¼R, ¼R, ½R, ½R, ¼R NC Basic, Scissor, Side
1, 2&Step forward on L, sweeping R from back to front (1), Cross R over L (2), Turn ¼R, stepping back on L (&)
3, 4&¼R turn, stepping R forward (3), Continue turn, ½R stepping back on L (4), Turn ½R, stepping R forward (&)
5, 6&Turn ¼R, stepping L to L side (5) Step of R behind L (6), Cross L over R (&)
7&8&Step R to R side (7), Step L next to R (&), Cross R over L (8), Stepping L to L side (&) - facing 9:00

[9-16] Cross behind w/ sweep, Behind, Side, Full spiral, Walk, ½R-collect, Cross, ¼L Scissor, ½R
1, 2&Cross R behind L, sweeping L front to back (1) Cross L behind R (2), Step R to R side, opening to diagonal (&)
3, 4Step L forward on diagonal, making full spiral turn - weight ends L (3), Step forward on R (4) -facing 10:30
&5, 6Turn ½R, stepping back on L (&) Collect, stepping R next to L (5) Step forward on L (6) ¬-facing 4:30
&7&8&Step R to R side (&) Close L next to R, starting ¼L turn (7) Finish ¼L turn, stepping forward on R (&), Turn ½R stepping back on L (8) Turn ½R, stepping forward on R (&)* - facing 12:00
Restart here on rotations 2 and 5, facing 6:00. To restart, remove ½ turns on counts 8&. Instead walk, walk.

[17-24] ½R, ½ w/ sweep, Behind, Side, ¾ Spiral, Run-Run, Hitch, Press w/ slide, Behind, Side
1, 2Turn ½R, stepping back on L, sweep R front to back(1), Cross R behind L(2)
&3Step L to L side (&) Step R across L, making ¾spiral turn - weight ends R
4&5Run a ¼L turn: L (4), R (&), Rise up on L, hitching R to make 1/8L turn (5) -facing 4:30
6, 7Press forward on R toe, lowering heel as L slides back (6), Step back on L(7)
8&Cross R behind L (8), Turn 1/8L, stepping L to L side (&) - facing 3:00

[25-32] Cross Rock-Recover (x2), Ball Rock-Recover, Weave R, ¼L, ½L Walk
1, 2&Cross rock R over L (1), Recover weight L (2), Step R to R side (&)
3, 4Cross rock L over R (3), Recover weight R (4)
&5Rock ball of L to L side (&), Recover weight R (5)
6&7Cross L behind R (6), Step R to R side (&), Cross L over R (7)
&8&Turn ¼L, stepping back on R (&), Turn ½L, stepping forward on L (8), Walk forward on R (&) – facing 6:00

Tag - (4 count) Walk, Walk, Rock-Recover, Back, Together
1, 2, 3&4&Walk forward L (1), Walk forward R (2), Rock forward on L (3) Recover weight R (&), Step back on L (4) Step R next to L (&)
Tag occurs after 6th rotation facing 12:00. Dance starts again at 12:00

Last Update: 23 Jul 2022


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