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More Than Like

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Phrased Intermediate
Rex Chuan (USA) - December 2018
"More Than Like" By Sun Yusa, Xiao Quan
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Start: dance start after 32 counts

Sequence: A,B,Tag,B,B,B(16),Tag,A,B.......B(28)

Part A: 32 counts
AS1: Dorothy, Weave, Step and Tap, Weave, Hip-Pop Pivot Turn
12&3&4&RF forward(1), LF lock in(2), RF forward(&), LF forward(3), RF lock in(&), LF forward(4), RF tap behind LF(&)
56&7&8RF backward(5), LF cross RF(6), RF tap R with hip-pop(7), weight shift to RF sit on it (8) (12:00)

AS2: Weave, Step and Tap, Weave, Cross, Hold, Hitch
12&34Weight Shift to LF(1), RF cross LF(2), LF L(&), L half turn and RF R(3), LF cross tap behind RF(4)
56&78&LF L(5), RF cross behind LF(6), LF L(&), RF cross LF(7), hold 8 , LF hitch(&) (6:00)

AS3: Hold, Cross Side, Weave Turn, Paddle Turn X4
1&23&4Hold 1, LF cross RF(&), RF R(2), LF backward(3), R quarter turn and RF R(&), LF cross RF(4)
5678RF tap R(5), L quarter turn and RF tap R(6), L quarter turn and RF tap R(7), L quarter turn and RF tap R(8) (12:00)

AS4: Hitch, Cross, Side, Hitch, Cross, Side, Lock Step X4
1&23&4RF hitch(1), RF cross LF(&), LF L(2),, LF hitch(3), LF cross RF(&), RF R(4)
5&6&7&8&R quarter turn RF forward(5), LF follow(&), R quarter turn RF forward(6), LF follow(&), R quarter turn RF forward(7), LF follow(&), R quarter turn RF forward(8), LF together(&) (12:00)

Part B: 32 counts
BS1: Forward, Dorothy, Step & Cross Tap, Unwind With Heel-Pops
123&4&RF forward(1), LF forward(2), RF cross behind LF(&), LF forward(3), RF forward(&), LF cross behind RF and tap(&)
5678Unwind half turn L while heel popX4 on 5678 (6:00)

BS2: Jump Kick, Cross, Rock Recover, Cross, Side, Cross Tap Cross Tap
12&34&RF kick forward while F slightly hop forward(1), RF land across LF(2), LF rock L(&), recover on RF(3), LF cross RF(4), RF R(&)
5678RF cross LF(5), LF tap L(6), LF cross RF(7), RF tap R(8)

BS3: Cross Tap, Side Tap, Monterey Turn, Sailor Step Turn,
1234RF cross LF and tap(1), RF tap R(2), R half turn and RF (3), LF tap L(4)
5&67&8hold 5, LF hook(&), LF R while R quarter turn(6)and RF sweep back, RF cross behind LF(7), LF L(&), RF cross LF(8) (3:00)

BS4: Pique Turn X4, Walk X4 Around
1234LF hitch(1) while R half turn, LF backward with RF hitch(2) while R half turn, RF forward with LF hitch(3) while R half turn, LF backward with RF hitch(4) while R half turn
5678R half turn and RF forward(5), R quarter turn and LF forward(6), R quarter turn and RF forward(7), R quarter turn and LF together(8) (12:00)

Tap: There are two instances. First instance is after first B facing 12:00, pause for 2 counts. Before the second instance after 16 counts of B facing 6:00, quickly jump half turn facing 12:00 and pause for 2 counts.

Enjoy the dance!



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