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More Than You'll Ever Know
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Phrased Intermediate
José miguel Belloque Vane ( nl ), Roy Verdonk ( nl ) Sept 2015
Nathan Sykes - More Than You'll Ever Know
Intro : 16 counts - Phrasing: A, B, A, A (with Restart after 4 counts), A, B, A, A, A, A, A

Part A – 32 counts
A1: Step Forward/Touch (2X), Cross Sailor Steps Traveling Backwards, Cross
1-2Rf step forward, Lf touch next to Rf
3-4Lf step forward, Rf touch next to Lf
(Restart here when you do 3rd time A)
5&6Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step left ( & ), Rf step right
7&8Lf cross in front of Rf, Rf step right ( & ), Lf step left
&Rf cross in front of Lf
(N.B. on counts 5-8 you will slightly travel backwards when doing cross Sailor Steps)

A2: Slide L, Hold, Ball/Cross, Hold, Side, Lock Behind With Sweep R, Hold, Syncopated Sailors
1-2Lf take big step left, hold
&3,4Rf take small step behind Lf ( & ), Lf cross in front of Rf, hold
&5Rf take small step right , Lf cross behind Rf whilst sweeping Rf from front to back
6finish sweep from front to back
7&aRf cross behind Lf, Lf step left ( & ), Rf step right (a)
8&aLf cross behind Rf , Rf step right(&), Lf step left ( a )

A3: Touch Behind, R Touch Side, Touch Behind, Kick/Ball/Step On Diagonal, Rock Forward R, Recover L, Shuffle With 1/2 Turn R
1-2-3Rf touch behind Lf , Rf touch side right, Rf touch behind Lf
4&5make 1/8 turn right kicking Rf forward (1.30 ), Rf step next to Lf (&) , Lf step forward
6-7Rf rock forward, recover onto Lf
8&1make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right ( 4.30 ), Lf step next to Rf(&), make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf forward ( 7.30 )

A4: Cross/Side ,Sailor With 1/4 turn left, Step Forward R, 3/4 Turn L, Touch Side R,Touch Together R
2-3make 1/8 turn left crossing Lf in front of Rf (6.00 ), Rf step right
4&5Lf cross behind Rf, make 1/4 left stepping Rf right ( & ), Lf step forward ( 3.00 )
6-7Rf step forward, make 3/4 turn left on Lf ( 6.00 )
8Rf touch toes right

Part B – 32 counts
B1: Hold, Cross, Side, Snap Fingers, Hold, Side, Cross, Snap Fingers
1-2hold, Rf cross in front of Lf
3-4Lf step left, snap fingers
5-6hold, Rf step right
7-8Lf cross in front of Rf, snap fingers

B2: Hold, Side With Swivels R/L/R, Hold, Hip Bumps L/R/L
1-2hold, Rf step right swivelling Bf heels right
3-4Bf swivel heels left , Bf swivel heels right
5-6hold, hip bump left
7-8hip bump right, hip bump left (weight remains on Rf)

B3: Hold, 1/4 Turn L (2X), Snap Fingers, Hold, Side, Cross, Snap Fingers
1-2hold, make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward
3-4make 1/4 turn left stepping Rf right, snap fingers
5-6hold, Lf step left
7-8Rf cross in front of Lf, snap fingers

B4: Hold, Side With Swivels L/R/L, Hiproll, Touch R
1-2hold, Lf step left swivelling Bf heels left
3-4Bf swivel heels right , Bf swivel heels left
5-6-7make Hiproll counter clockwise over 3 counts
8Rf touch next to Lf

Submitted by - Lieke de Leeuw-Nobelen: leeuw.nobelen@gmail.com
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