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Mosquito Finito

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Beginner / Intermediate Contra
Ria Vos (NL) - October 2009
Mosquito (Tex Mex Radio) - Loco Loco : (Album: Mosquito)
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Intro: 32 counts from main beat, on vocals
Note: Start in Lines Facing Each other, ***see notes below

Rock Back, Rec. Chasse ¼ Turn R, Hitch ¼ Turn R, Chasse ¼ Turn L, Pivot ¼ Turn L
1-2 Rock Back on R, Recover on L
3&4 Step R to Right Side, Step L Next to R, ¼ Turn Right Step Fwd on R
& ¼ Turn Right on R Hitching L
5&6 Step L to Left Side, Step R Next to L, ¼ Turn Left Step Fwd on L
7-8 Step Fwd on R, Pivot ¼ Turn Left

Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Step ¼ Turn L, Paddle ¾ Turn L,
1-2 Cross R Over L, Step L to Left Side
3&4 Step R Behind L, Step L to Left Side, Cross R Over L
5 ¼ Turn Left Step Small Step Fwd on L
6-7-8 Paddle Turn ¾ Turn Left ending with R pointed out to Right Side

Cross Rock, Rec., Side, Cross, Flick, Shuffle Fwd R, Shuffle Fwd L
1-2 Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L
&3-4 Step R to Right Side, Cross L Over R, Flick R Back and to the R Side
5&6 Shuffle Fwd Stepping R,L,R
7&8 Shuffle Fwd Stepping L,R,L
Note:On counts 5-8 you will pass each other with the L shoulder on the Shuffles
(Adapt by going a liitle to the diagonal if needed)

Pivot ½ Turn L, Walk Fwd x2, Clap, Clap, Walk Back x2
1-2 Step R Fwd, Pivot ½ Turn L
3-4 Walk Fwd R,L
5-6 Lean Fwd on L with R foot lifted up Behind- Clap to the Right, Clap to the Left Up in the Air Above Your Partners Head (“trying to catch the mosquito”)
7-8 Step Back on R, Step back on L

Tag: 4 count Tag after wall 4
1-2-3 Step R to Right Side, Clap 4 Times Around You (wherever you want: “where’s that mosquito”)
4 Recover on L ready to start again with the R foot on count 1

***On wall 8 you “Kill” the Mosquito:
Replace count 5-6 on last section (claps in the air) with 1 Clap with R Hand on your partners L shoulder and Hold, then walk back on R,L for count 7-8
***On wall 9 (this is the next wall after you “killed” the mosquito) you replace the same 2 counts with a clap with the R hand and then a clap with the L hand with your partner (like a “High Five”)

Ending: (wall 10)
You will end the dance on last section, dance upon count 4, then
5-6 Step R to Right Side, Hold
7-8 Pass your R hand from L to R along your neck (as if saying “cut”) on the word “Basta”
On last count clap both hands with your opposite partner (like the “High Five” only this time with R hand on your partners L hand and L hand on your partners R hand)


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