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Move Like Jagger

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Phrased Beginner
Melvin Tan - November 2011
Sequence : AABB, AABB, AA Tag BB

Section 1 : Step Side, Together 2x
1,2Step R to R, push both arms out slight diagonal to L (1), Step L next to R, arms at the waist (2)
3,4Repeat step 1,2
5,6Step L to L, push both arms out slight diagonal to R (5), Step R next to L, arms down at the waist (6)
7,8Repeat step 5,6

Section 2 : Walk 3x, Kick, Step, ½ Turn, ½ Turn, Touch
1,2,3Walk forward RLR
4,5Kick L forward, Step L down
6,7Step R ½ to R, Step L back ½ to R
8Touch R next to L

Section 3 : Monterey ½ Turn, Jazz Box
1,2Point R toe to R, Turn ½ R closing R next to L (6:00)
3,4Point L toe to L, Step down L next to R
5,6Cross R over L, Step back on L
7,8Step R on R, Cross L over R

Section 4 : Look Back, Slap Butt 2x, Hip Roll
1,2Looking back over R shoulder, Slap butt with R hand (1), Hold (2),
3,4Looking back over L shoulder, Slap butt with L hand (1), Hold (2),
5,6,7,8Hip Roll from L to R

Section 5 : Jagger Walk Forward 4x, Step Touch 2x
1-4Walk RLRL (Styling: Jagger walk : drop right shoulder with each walk step)
5,6Step R to R, Touch L behind R (Styling : shoulder seesaw)
7,8Step L to L, Touch R behind L (Styling : shoulder seesaw)

(Do this section for 2nd round of Part B)
(Section 5a : Walk backward 4x, Step Touch 2x)
1-4Walk backward RLRL
5,6Step R to R, Touch L behind R
7,8Step L to L, Touch R behind L )

Section 6 : Kick Ball Point 2x, Touch Full Turn Unwind, Touch
1&2Kick R leg. cross both arms out front (1), Step down on R (&), Point L to L, both arms down at side(2)
3&4Kick L leg. cross both arms out front (3), Step down on L (&), Point R to R, both arms down at side(4)
5Touch R behind L
6,7Full turn unwind to R
8Touch L to L (Styling : L arm extend straight out to L)

Section 7 : Arm Swings with hip bumps
1With L arm still extend straight out to L, circle R arm clockwise to 1:30
2Circle R arm anti-clockwise to 4:30
3Hook R arm close to body
4Throw R arm out to 4:30 again
5-8Repeat step 1-4

Section 8 : Step Touch 4x with Arms rolling
1,2Step L to L, Touch R next to L
3,4Step R to R, Touch L to R
5,6Step L to L, Touch R next to L
7,8Step R to R, Step L to R

Tag : (See Sequence)
1-4Pose, extending R arm out front moving from L to R

Enjoy ^^


Cindy Lee November 14, 2011
Love the dance moves

Wynette November 14, 2011

Diana November 16, 2011
So nice.

Grandma Wendy August 29, 2013
Wonderful! Great use of moves for this tune. Love it!

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