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Andrew Palmer (UK), Sheila Palmer (UK) & Pat Stott (UK) - May 2018
Rock 'n' Roll Movie Star by The Jive Aces (94 bpm) Cd: Diggin' The Roots Vol 1: Rockin' Rhythm & Blues. amazon
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#24 Count Intro. Start on Vocals

Side. Together. Back. Back. Back. Back. Kick. Coaster-Step. Point. Touch. Point
1&2Step Right to side, step Left beside Right, step back Right
3&4&Run back Left, back Right, back Left, kick Right
5&6Right coaster-step
7&8Touch Left to side, touch Left beside Right, touch Left to side

Behind. Side. Cross. Kick. Out. Out. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce (Complete Quarter Turn). Coaster-Step
1&2Step Left behind Right, step Right to side, cross Left over Right
3&4Kick forward Right, step out Right, step out Left
5&6Bounce heels three times (3:00) completing quarter turn Right
Note: Keeping weight on Left with Right toe in contact with the floor
7&8Right coaster-step

Toe-Step. Toe-Step. Kick-Ball-Change. Step. Twist. Recover. Shuffle Half Turn
1&2&Touch forward Left, drop heel to floor, touch forward Right, drop heel to floor
3&4Kick Left, step ball of Left beside Right, step Right beside Left
5&6Step forward Left, twist both heels Left, recover both heels to centre
7&8Shuffle half turn Left - stepping Left, Right, Left (9:00)

Point. Together. Point. Together. Heel. Together. Heel. Together. Diagonal Lock-Step. Diagonal Lock-Step
1&2&Point Right to side, step Right beside Left, point left to side, step Left beside Right
3&4&Tap Right heel forward, step Right beside Left, tap Left heel forward, step Left beside Right
5&6Step Right diagonally forward, lock Left behind Right, step Right diagonally forward
7&8Step Left diagonally forward, lock Right behind Left, step Left diagonally forward
Option: On the lock-steps both hands forward with palms facing and alternate hands moving up and down in a chopping motion

Cross-Rock. Recover. Side. Cross-Rock. Recover. Quarter Turn. Step. Pivot Half Turn. Shuffle
1&2Cross-rock Right over Left, recover back onto Left, step Right to side
3&4Cross-rock Left over Right, recover back onto Right, quarter turn Left step forward Left (6:00)
5&6Step forward Right, pivot half turn Left, step forward Right (12:00)
7&8Shuffle forward Left - stepping Left, Right, Left

Together. Heels. Toes. Heels. Clap. Heels. Toes. Heels. Clap, Monterey Quarter Turn. Monterey Quarter Turn
&1&2&Step Right beside Left, twist to Right - heels, toes, heels, clap
3&4&Twist to left - heels, toes, heels clap
5&6&Point Right to side, quarter turn Right step Right beside Left, point Left to side, Step Left beside Right (3:00)
7&8&Point Right to side, quarter turn Right step Right beside Left, point Left to side, Step Left beside Right (6:00)


Pony Chen June 9, 2018

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