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Moving On Out

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Marie Pietersz (AUS) - May 2020
A Place in The Sun by the Gabe Dixon Band (iTunes and YouTube)
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(and out of COVID-19 ISO time)
Alternate music: A Place in The Sun by Stevie Wonder
I am a good girl by Christina Aguilera
Start on lyrics after 32 beats: There’s a place…

S1: Walk forward R L R, point L to side, walk back L R L, point R to side
1-4Walk forward R L R, point L to L side
5-8Walk back L R L, point R to R side

S2: Cross steps x 2 (forming an X with claps)
9-12Step forward R to R diagonal, bring L to R (clap), Step L behind diagonal, bring R to L (clap)
13-16Step R behind to R diagonal, bring L to R (clap), Step L forward to L diagonal, bring R to L (clap)
(Restart here after 10th repeat facing 6.00)

S3: 2 x left ¼ paddles, jazz box on the spot
17-20Step forward with R, recover on L turning 1/4 L, Step R forward. Recover L turning ¼ L (6.00)
21-24Cross R over L, recover back on L, step R to R side and bring L together (or cross) (jazz box 6.00)

S4: Vine to the R, vine to the L with ¼ turn left
25-28Step R to R side, L behind R, step R to R side, step L next to R
29-32Step L to L side, R behind L, step L to L side with ¼ turn L, step R next to L


I do not own the music.
Contact: Email: Tel: 61 412 296 827


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