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Mulan Warrior

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Easy Improver - waltz
Nora Chuang (USA) - September 2020
Loyal Brave True - Christina Aguilera
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Music by - J Hartman, H Gregson-Williams, R Golan, B Crabtree
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#24 count start. No tags.
One restart: Wall 3 after Section 6 (after 36 counts)

S 1: (Cross, Point, HOLD) x 2 (12 o'clock)
1,2,3R step forward across from L (1), L point to side & HOLD (2,3)
4,5,6L step forward across from R (4), R point to side & HOLD (5,6)

S 2: Back, Point, HOLD; Left Sailor With ¼ Left Turn (12 -> 9 o'clock)
1,2,3R step back behind L (1), L point to side & HOLD (2,3)
4,5,6Left Sailor With ¼ Left Turn: L sweep behind turning ¼ left, facing 9 o'clock (4), R step to side (5), L step to side (6)

S 3: R Step Forward, L Sweep For 2 Counts With ¼ Right Turn, Left Weave (9 -> 12 o'clock)
1,2,3R step forward (1), L sweep counterclockwise for 2 counts, with ¼ right turn (2,3), facing back at 12 o'clock
4,5,6Weave to Right: L cross over R (4), R step to right side (5), L behind (6)

S 4: Lunge Right, HOLD HOLD; Left Scissor Cross (12 o'clock)
1,2,3R lunge to right with right knee bent (1), HOLD, HOLD (2,3), optionally lean body to right
4,5,6Scissor Cross: L slide next to R (4), R cross over L (5), L step next to R (6)

S 5: Right Sailor, Left Sailor (12 o'clock)
1,2,3R Sailor: R behind (1), L step to side (2), R step to side (3)
4,5,6L Sailor: L behind (4), R step to side (5), L step to side (6)

S 6: Right Cross/Unwind ½ Left Turn; L Step, R Scuff/Hitch (12 -> 6 o'clock)
1,2,3R cross over L tightly (1), unwind ½ left turn on 2 counts, weigh ends on R (2-3), facing 6 o'clock
4,5,6L step forward (4), R scuff (5), R hitch across L (6)
Restart here on Wall 3.

S 7: (Jazz Box) x 2 (6 o'clock)
1,2,3Right Jazz Box: R cross over L (1), L step back (2), R step to side (3)
4,5,6Left Jazz Box: L cross over R (4), R step back (5), L step to side (6)

S 8: R Forward Mambo, L Coaster Step (6 o'clock)
1,2,3R Forward Mambo: R rock forward, L recover (2), R step next to L (3), See NOTE.
4,5,6L Coaster Step: L step back (4), R step next to L (5), L step forward (6)
NOTE: Optional hand movement:
On Forward Mambo (count 1-3): hold left hand over right fist and bring both to your chest as a form of salute.

Start dance again… Enjoy!

No copyright infringement nor monetary pursuits intended.


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