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Intermediate waltz
Lisa Molkner Foord (AUS) & Marie Williams (AUS) - October 2019
You Make It Easy - Jason Aldean : (Album: Rearview Town)
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*2x2 wall dance - F.B.F then changes to sides after Restart.
Dance finishes to the front after Count 28.
INTRO: Dance starts after quick four soft counts on 1st word (like) weight on L

(1-6) 2x half turning waltz over R
1,2,3Step R fwd turning ½ R, step L back, step R beside L (6.00)
4,5,6Step back L turning ½ R, step R fwd, step L beside R (12.00)

(7-12) Step back, point, step back, point
1,2,3Step R back, point L to L, hold
4,5,6Step L back, point R to R, hold

(13-18) R sailor, L sailor
1,2,3Step R behind L, step L to L, step R in place
4,5,6Step L behind R, step R to R, step L in place

(19-24) Vine L, step L to L with R heel up & snap fingers to R
1,2,3Step R behind L, L to L, step R over L
4,5,6Step L to L raising R heel and snap R fingers to R side, hold, hold

(25-30) 1 ¼ rolling turn R, L step forward, back, L ½ turn step
1,2,3 1¼ rolling turn R stepping R,L,R (3.00)
4,5,6Step L fwd, step back on R, turning ½ L step fwd L (9.00)

(31-36) Lock step fwd, ½ Pivot R, step
1,2,3Step R fwd, lock L behind R, step R fwd
4,5,6Step L fwd, turn ½ turn R onto R, step L fwd (3.00)

(37-42) R twinkle, L twinkle
1,2,3Moving fwd step R across L, step L to L, step R in place
4,5,6Moving fwd step L across R, step R to R, step L in place

(43-48) Touch ¾ unwind L, coaster in waltz time
1,2,3Touch R over L, ¾ unwind L for 2 counts (6.00)
4,5,6Step L back, step R beside L, step L fwd

Begin again

Restart - wall 3 after count 36 (3.00)

Any inquiries contact Lisa 0412 438 450 , or Marie 0415 627 515,


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