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My Love

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High Beginner
Eun-Mi Lim & S.E.A of love (November 2019)
My Love by Lee Seung Chul (이승철)
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Intro: #16 counts (approx. 10secs)

S1: Rock Side/Recover & Sway, Side, Cross, Rock Side/Recover, Cross, Side
1-2Rock R to right side with hip sway R, Recover on L with hip sway L.
3-4Step R to right side, Cross L over R. *Restart on wall 5
5-6Rock R to right side, Recover on L
7-8Cross R over L, Step L to left side.

S2: Rock Forward/Recover, 1/2TurnR Shuffle, Forward, Pivot 1/4R, Cross Shuffle
1-2Rock forward on R, Recover on L.
3&41/4Turn R stepping R to right side, Step L next to R, 1/4Turn R stepping forward on R (6:00)
5-6Step forward on L, Pivot 1/4Turn R weigh on R.
7&8Cross L over R, Step R to right side, Cross L over R (9:00) *Restart on wall 7

S3: Side, Together, Forward Shuffle, Side, Together, Forward Shuffle.
1-2Step R to right side, Step L next to R.
3-4Step forward on R, Step L next to R, Step forward on R.
5-6Step L to left side, Step R next to L.
7&8Step forward on L, Step R next to L, Step forward on L.

S4: Forward, Pivot 1/2Turn L, Forward, Point, Forward, Scuff, Rock Forward /Recover with Hip Rolling.
1-2Step forward on R, Pivot 1/2turn L weight on L. (3:00)
3-4Step forward on R, Point L toe to left side.
5-6Step forward on L, Scuff R forward
7-8Rock forward on R, Recover in L rolling Hips in a figure of 8

*Restarts: During wall 5, restart the dance after count 4.
During wall 7, restart the dance after count 16. (Restarts all facing 12:00).

Eun Mi: Eun Ah:

( 23:06:54)


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