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My Lover's Prayer

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Easy Intermediate waltz
Judy Rodgers (USA) - September 2017
My Lover's Prayer by Robin Gibb & Alister Griffin
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#12 count intro (right before vocals)

Sequence + R-restart, T=tag, E=ending & (ending wall):
*48 (9) 30R (12) 48 (9) 60T (6) 48 (3) 30R (6) 48 (3) 60T (12) 48 (9) 48 (6) 24E (12)

S1: Step side rock, back sweep
1-3Step L fwd, rock R to right side, recover L
4-6Step R back, sweep L from front to back

S2: Behind side cross, side drag touch
1-3Step L behind R, step R to right, cross L over R
4-6Step R to right side, drag L to R, touch L beside R

S3: Turn 1/4 L, step R full spiral L step, step sweep
1-3Turn 1/4 left step L fwd, step R fwd full spiral turn left on ball of R - 9:00
4-6Step L fwd, step R fwd, sweep L from back to front

S4: Cross side rock, cross turn 1/4 R, turn 1/4 R
1-3Cross L over R, rock R to right side, recover L
4-6Cross R over L, turn 1/4 right step L back, turn 1/4 right step R to right side - 3:00

S5: Step sweep, step sweep
1-3Step L fwd, sweep R from back to front over 2 counts
4-6Step R fwd, sweep L from back to front over 2 counts
** Restart here on Wall 2 (facing 12:00) and Wall 6 (facing 6:00)

S6: Step kick, back back turn 1/2 R
1-3Step L fwd, kick R fwd over 2 beats
4-6Step back R, step back L, turn 1/2 right step R fwd - 9:00

S7: Step point R side hold, step R turn 1/2 R point L hold
1-3Step L fwd, point R to right side, hold
4-6Step R in place turn 1/2 right, point L to left side, hold - 3:00

S8: Turn 1/2 L waltz fallaway
1-3Step L fwd, turn 1/8 left step R to right side, turn 1/8 left step L back - 12:00
4-6Turn 1/8 left step R back, turn 1/8 left step L fwd, step R fwd - 9:00

**2 Restarts: dance 30 counts and Restart on Wall 2 (facing 12:00) and Wall 6 (facing 6:00)

Tag (12 counts) danced 2 times: end of Wall 4 (facing 6:00) and Wall 8 (facing 12:00)
***Step turn 1/2 turn 1/2, rock recover back, back sweep, coaster step
1-6Step L fwd, turn 1/2 L, turn 1/2 L, rock R fwd, recover L, step R back
1-6Step L back sweep R front to back (2 cnts), step R back step L beside R, step R fwd

Ending: Wall 11 - dance 21 counts (S4); change 22-24 to: cross R over L, slow turn 1/4 L to front




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