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My Rules

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Phrased Intermediate
Amy Glass (USA) - September 2018
My Rules - Jadagrace : (iTunes)
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#40 Count Intro; Dance starts on lyric “One”. Phrasing: ABCDD ABCDD B BCDD DD
Part A—32 Counts
A[1-8] Press R Fwd Recover, R Coaster, Step Pivot ¾, C-bump
1-2Press RF fwd, Recover weight on LF slightly kicking RF fwd
3&4Step back on RF, Close LF next to RF, Step RF fwd
5-6Step fwd on LF, Pivot ¾ R (9:00)
7&8Shift upper body to L, Recover to center, Shift weight to L hip

A[9-16] Toe Strut, Cross Toe Strut, Rock R, Recover, Behind Side Cross
1-2Touch R toe to R, Drop R heel (moving slightly to diagonal 10:30)
3-4Cross LF over RF and touch L toe to R, Drop L heel
5-6Rock RF to R, Recover weight on LF
7&8Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L, Cross RF over LF (squared up to 9:00)

A[17-24] Step Drag, Ball Cross, ¼ R, Step Pivot ½, Kick Ball Change
1 2Step big step to L, Drag R heel
&3-4Step on the ball of the RF, Cross LF over RF, Turn ¼ R stepping fwd R (12:00)
5-6Step LF fwd, Pivot ½ R (6:00)
7&8Kick LF fwd, Step on ball of LF, Step RF next to LF

A[25-32] Kick & Point & Point & Kick & Kick, Out, Out, Heels, Toes, Heels
1&2&Kick LF fwd, Close LF next to RF, Point RF to R, Close RF next to LF
3&4&Point LF to L, Close LF next to RF, Kick RF fwd, Close RF next to LF
5&6Kick LF fwd, Step LF out, Step RF out
7&8Swivel both heels in, Swivel both toes in, Swivel both heels in to finish with feet together (weight L)

Part B—16 Counts “Step-Touches”
B[1-8] Step Fwd, Touch w/ ¼ L & Claps (Double then Single), Repeat
1-2Step RF fwd, Touch LF next to RF while turning ¼ L (3:00)
3-4Step LF to L, Touch RF next to LF
5-8Repeat counts 1 to 4 (finish facing 12:00)
** Add double claps above the shoulders on counts 2& and 6& and a single clap below the waist on counts 4 and 8

B[9-16] Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle ½ R, Step, Heel Bounce x3 Turning ½ R
1-2Rock RF fwd, Recover weight on LF
3&4Step RF to R while turning ¼ R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF fwd turning ¼ R (6:00)
5-8Step LF fwd, Bounce both heels x 3 while slowly turning ½ R, finishing weight back on LF (12:00)
*Note—keep looking at 6:00 wall as long as possible to avoid turning too quickly to face 12:00

Part C—32 Counts “Heels”
C[1-8] Back, Touch L Heel, Hold, Recover, Together, Hold & R & L Heel Jacks, Hold
&1-2Step back on RF, Touch L heel to L diagonal, Hold
&3-4Recover weight onto LF, Close RF next to LF, Hold
&5&Step back on LF, Touch R heel to R diagonal, Close RF next to LF
6&78Cross LF over RF, Step RF back, Touch LF to L diagonal, Hold

C[9-16] & Cross, Hold, & Behind, Hold, & Syncopated R Rocking Chair to L Diagonal, Sweep
&1-2Recover weight on LF, Cross RF over LF, Hold
&3-4&Step LF to L, Cross RF behind LF, Hold, Step LF to L
5&6&Rock RF fwd on L diagonal, Recover weight on LF, Rock RF back, Recover weight on LF (10:30)
7-8Step RF fwd while sweeping LF from back to front (squaring up to 12:00)

C[17-24] L Jazz Box w/ ¼ L, Step, Pivot ½ R, Full Turn R
1-4Cross LF over RF, Turn ¼ L while stepping back on RF, Step LF to L, Step RF fwd (9:00)
5-8Step LF Fwd, Pivot ½ R (3:00), Continue turning ½ R stepping LF back (9:00), RF fwd (3:00)

C[25-32] L Rocking Chair, Step Pivot ¾ R, Side L, Drag
1-4Rock LF fwd (optional body roll), Recover weight on RF, Rock LF back, Recover weight RF
5-6Step LF fwd, Pivot ¾ R (12:00)
7-8Big step LF to L, Drag RF and touch next to LF

Part D—16 Counts “Hips”
D[1-8] ¼ L Hip Push/Sway R, L, Syncopated RLR, Hip Sway L, R, Syncopated LRL
1-2¼ L Touching R toe to R and push/sway hips to R, L (keep weight L) (9:00)
3&4Push hips R, L, R (finish with weight R)
5-6Sway hips to L, R (keeping weight mostly R)
7&8Sway L, R, L (finish with weight L)
**Arms with sways: Arms bent at elbows and hands open moving same direction as hips

D[9-16] Cross Rock, Recover, Chasse ¼ R, Step Pivot ½ R, Run LRL
1-2Rock RF over LF, Recover weight on LF
3&4Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF fwd turning ¼ R (12:00)
5-6Step LF fwd, Pivot ½ R (6:00)
7&8Run fwd L, R, L

The track is fun and peppy and I promise—the phrasing is very obvious in the music. Hope you enjoy—especially the hip pushes/sways section (D)



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