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Nancy Jo Shuffle (cha cha)

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High Beginner
Nancy & Jo - July 2014
Make Love to Me by Anne Murry (108 bpm / The Best So far/Croonin)
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Alt. music:-
Pontoon by Little Big Town,
The Wanderer by Eddie Rabbitt (118 bpm)
Land of Enchantment by Michael Martin Murphey, (108 bpm)
He Drinks Tequila by Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan (127 bpm)
Baby's Got her blue jeans on by Mel McvDaniel (105 bpm)
Write this Down by George Strait (124 bpm)

While learning the dance, I recommend Make Love to me.

(This dance can be done to almost any two step music) and many other songs just by changing the speed of the steps!

Right foot lead
Basic Cha Cha Pattern of shuffle forward right, rock recover, shuffle back left, rock recover
1&2Shuffle forward right-left-right
3 4Rock forward on the left, recover on the right
5&6Shuffle back left-right-left
7 8Rock back on the right, recover on the left

Shuffle forward, rock recover, Shuffle ½ turning left, Shuffle ½ turning left (total of 360 degree turn)
1&2Shuffle forward right-left-right
3 4Rock forward on the left, recover on the right
5&6Shuffle back left-right-left Turning ½ left (6:00)
7&8Shuffle forward right-left-right Turning ½ left (12:00)

Rock back recover, Shuffle forward
1 2Rock back on left, recover right
3&4Shuffle forward left-right-left

Side rock recover and cross shuffle starting with the right then left
1 2Rock right foot to the right side, recover on the left
3&4Cross shuffle: cross right over left, step left to the side, cross right over left
5 6Rock left foot to the left side, recover on the right
7&8Cross shuffle: cross left over right, step right to the side, cross left over right

Sways (RLRL)
1 - 4Sway right, sway left, sway right, sway left (ending with weight on left)

Jazz Box with ¼ turn right, Jazz Box in place
1 2 3 4Cross right over left, step left back, turning ¼ Right step side on right, step left next to right (3:00)
5 6 7 8Cross right over left, step back on left, step right, step left next to right

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line dance Nancy Jo 5/18/14

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Last Update - 28th July 2014



perna gals September 15, 2014
Love it! Very simple and sexy! Can be done by people of all ages.

And if you don't want to do the double turn, just do 2 shuffles back!

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