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Raymond Sarlemijn (NOR), Pim van Grootel (NL) & Joachim Hering - November 2018
Natural - Imagine Dragons
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Tag in wall 7

Walk walk, heel out, heel out, in, cross over, step right, flick, step left, swivels
1rf forward
2lf forward
&rheel right
3lheel left
&rf step in
4lf cross over rf
&rf step right
5lf flick back rf
6lf left
7swivel lheel left
&swivel lheel middle
8swivel lheel left

And kick ⅛ right, step ⅛ right, botafogo ⅛ turnright, walk walk, sailor step ¼ turn
&rf close lf
1kick lf diagonal rf, turn ⅛ rght
2lf forward, ⅛ turn right
3rf cross forward lf
&¼ turn right, lf left
4rf right
5lf forward diagonal towards 1900
6rf forward diagonal towards 1900
7lf cross backwards rf
&rf close lf
8⅛ left, lf step left

Knee bounce1/4 turn, sissor step, sissor step ⅛ , ½ turn right, slide touch
1bounce both knees down
&bounce both knees up turn ⅛ right
2bounce both knees down
&bounce both knees up turn ⅛ right, rf close lf
3lf cross forward rf
4rf right
&lf close rf
5⅛ left rf cross forward lf
6¼ right, lf step backward
7⅛ right, rf right
8lf touch rf

Ball change, walk, touch, swivel, ball change ½ turn right, run, run, run
&lf on spot
1rf forward
2lf forward
3rf touch forward
&swivel both feet right
4swivel both legs middle
&rf close lf
5lf forward
6½ turn right, weight on rf
7lf forward
&rf forward
8lf forward

Tag: v step
1rf diagonal right
2lf diagonal left
3rf middle
4lf close rf


Jan van Tiggelen November 21, 2018
It's A Pitty That we Have already a Natural directed by Lars Kuif Netherland , Same Name Same Music

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