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Need You Tonight

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Fun Low Intermediate progressive Circle dance
Linda McCormack (UK) - March 2015
'I Need You Tonight' (radio edit) – Professor Green (iTunes- 'The Brit Awards Album)
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Count in: 32 count intro

Danced in circle, starts facing one partner (you will therefore either start on the inside of the circle facing out toward your first partner, or the outside of the circle facing in toward your first partner.)

[1-8] L side rock, recover, cross and touch (R hand clap), L diagonal side, touch, R side, touch (turning ¼)
1,2,3&4Rock LF to L side (1); recover weight back to R (2); cross LF over R (3); step RF to R (&); touch LF to R (whilst clapping R hand with opposing partner)(4);
5,6,7,8Step LF to L and slightly diagonal back (5); touch R toe to L (6); step RF to R side (so in circle) (7); touch L toe to R (you will have turned 1/4 L) (8);

You will now be in single file circle formation, facing one partner and back to back with the person behind you in the circle.
[9-16] L fwd mambo, L back touch, ½ pivot (double hand clap), ¼ pivot back, ¼ L turn jazz, touch.
1&2Rock forward on LF (1); recover weight back to RF (&); touch LF back (2);
3,4Pivot ½ turn over L shoulder (to face new partner and clap both hands together) (3); ¼ turn pivot (to face either out/ in within the circle, depending on how you started) (4);
5,6,7,8Cross LF over R (5); ¼ turn to L stepping back on RF (6); step LF slightly to L (7); touch RF to L (8);

[17-24] R rock, recover, R ¼ coaster, L rock, recover, L 1/8 coaster.
1,2,3&4Rock diagonal forward on the RF (1); recover weight back to L (2); R coaster step (turning a ¼ to finish facing 1.30 wall) (3&4);
5,6,7&8Rock forward on the LF (5); recover weight back to R (6); L coaster step (turning 1/8 to face back to your partner on finish) (7&8);

[&25-32] R diagonal side drag, touch, L diagonal side drag, step (double hand clap) 4 x walks in circle (around partner – L,R,L,R)
1,2,3,4Drag step to R diagonal on RF (1); touch LF to R (2); drag step to L diagonal on LF (back into circle, whilst clapping both hands with partner) (3); step RF next to L (4);
5,6,7,84 walks in a circle around partner, L,R,L,R (back to original position) (5,6,7,8)

Upon walking around your last partner you will return to you starting position of either on the inside of the circle facing out toward your partner, or the outside of the circle facing in toward your partner.


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