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Neon Lies

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John Maguire (AUS) - June 2021
Where the Neon Lies - Triston Marez & Ronnie Dunn : (iTunes and Spotify)
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Start - Count 40

Step R, step L behind, step R 1/4 R, step L fwd, rock R fwd, recover L, R coaster cross.
1-2step right, step left behind right.
3-4step right with 1/4 right, step left forward (3 o'clock)
5-6rock right forward, recover to left,
7&8right coaster cross

Rock L, recover R, L coaster cross, rock R to side, recover L, rock R to side, recover L
1-2rock left to side, recover to right.
3&4step left behind right, and together cross left in front of right.
5-6rock right to side, recover back to left
7-8rock right to side, recover back to left ##

(&) together, L 1/2 pivot, shuffle fwd L, full turn L, shuffle fwd R
&1-2and step together, step left fwd 1/2 pivot left (9 o'clock)
3&4left shuffle forward (left, right, left)
5-6step right 1/2turn left. Step left 1/2 turn left - or - (walk right , walk left )
7&8right shuffle forward (right, left, right)

Rock L fwd, recover R, rock L to side, recover R, left sailor step 1/4 turn L, cross R shuffle
1-2rock left forward, recover on right
3-4rock left to side, recover on right
5&6left sailor step turning 1/4 left (6 o'clock)
7&8cross right shuffle (right left right)

Step L, R behind, L heel fwd 45 deg and together, cross R, rock L side, recover, cross L shuffle
1-2step left, step right behind left
3&4left heel 45 deg forward, and together, cross right over left
5-6rock left to side, recover right.
7&8cross shuffle left (left, right, left)

Step R, L behind, R heel fwd. 45 deg and together, cross L, rock R side, 1/4 L turn recover, shuffle fwd R.
1-2step right, step left behind right
3&4right heel 45 deg forward, and together, cross left over right
5-6rock right to side, recover left with 1/4 turn left (3 o'clock)
7&8shuffle forward right (right, left, right)

Step L, point R, step R, point L, rock L fwd, recover R, shuffle 1/2 turn L
1-2-3-4step left forward, point right toe side, step right forward, point left toe side
&5-6-7&8and step together, rock right forward, recover on left, shuffle 1/2 turn right (9 o'clock)

L cross samba, R cross samba, slide L fwd, slide R fwd, slide L fwd, touch R to L
1&2-3&4left cross samba, right cross samba
5-6-7-8slide left forward, slide right forward, slide left forward, touch right toe to left

RESTART: WALL 3 after 16 Counts ##
FINISH : WALL 7 - count 53 - and step together, rock R fwd, recover, shuffle 3/4 turn R to front.


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