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Neon Sunset

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Absolute Beginner
Shirley Blankenship (USA) & K. Sholes (USA) - July 2019
Neon - Chris Young
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Cross Rock/Recover/Cha Cha
1-2 3&4Cross rock right over left/recover on left Cha Cha (RLR)
5-6 7&8Cross rock left over right /recover on right Cha Cha (LRL)

Weave Right/ Cross Rock/ Side Cha Cha
1-4Cross right over left /step left/right behind left/ step on left
5-6 7&8Cross rock right over left/recover on left/ side Cha Cha (RLR)

Weave Left/Cross Rock/Side Cha Cha
1-4Cross left over right/step right/left behind right/ step right
5-6 7&8cross rock left over right/recover on right/side Cha Cha (LRL)

Pivot 1/4 Left Twice / Rock Steps
1-4Step forward on right/pivot 1/4 left (Repeat)
5-8Rock forward on right/recover on left/ rock back on right /recover on left

It's All About Fun - ENJOY!!!!


dl July 15, 2019
Essentially Stroll Along Cha except for the last 4 counts.

shirlblank July 17, 2019
dl=I looked up the danced you talked about and your correct!!

Sandue July 30, 2019
Except Stroll Along Cha has been removed from Copperknob - I found it on KickIt, but as this step sheet and videos are available, this will be my choice to teach to my class.

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