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Never Be 23

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Lacey Key (USA) & Jackie Phillips (USA) - November 2021
23 - Sam Hunt
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S1: R&L Lock Step Forward with Brush, Sway Sway, Back Right Step Lock Step
1&2 -Step forward right, lock left foot behind right
3&4 -Step forward left, lock right foot behind left
5,6 -Sway right, Sway left
7&8 -Step back right, lock left foot in front of right

S2: Rock Back Left, Turn 1/2 to Right, Vine Left, Sit Hip, Hold Clap Clap
1,2 -Rock back on Left, Step Right starting to turn 1/4 to Left
3,4,5 -Step Left out to Left, Step Right behind Left, Step Left out
6 -Sit back on Left hip
7&8 -Push left hip out, Hold and Clap Clap

S3: 4x Step-touch with ½-turn L, R Scissor, L Scissor
&1 -Step R to side, touch L to R
&2&3&4 -3x Step touch with ½-turn L (ending 9:00 with weight on L)
5&6, 7&8 -Rock out R and cross R over L, Rock out L cross L over R

S4: 1/4 turn shuffle R, 1/4 turn shuffle L, Kick and point, Kick and touch
1&2, 3&4 -Step 1/4 to R and shuffle R,L,R, Continue 1/4 turn shuffle L,R,L
5&6, 7&8 -Kick R forward, step and point L, Kick L forward, step and touch R beside

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TammyG November 25, 2021
Love it! Great dance! Thanks for sharing.

Kelz November 25, 2021
Love it!!! Can’t wait to learn it!

Colleen G November 25, 2021
So fun! I am excited to learn it!

WJH November 26, 2021
Great job!

Hootie November 26, 2021
Love it!! Will dance this one for sure!!!

Tricia0330 November 27, 2021
This dance really makes this song!!

Hbr November 27, 2021
Awesome dance! Love it!

kwrenn November 30, 2021
Great job!

Footehills December 4, 2021
Love the dance! Quick question on section 2. Your written part says turn 1/2 to the right but in the steps it says 1/4 turn right. I believe it’s only a 1/4 by following your demo but will you confirm for me. Thanks!

JPwoman December 4, 2021
Foothills, follow the video for section 2! Thank you for looking at our dance!!! Jackie

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