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Never Comin' Down

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High Beginner
April Barker - January 2019
Never Comin Down - Keith Urban
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INTRO- 16 COUNTS - Start with lyrics, approx. :10 in

SECTION 1- Forward walks, toe taps, slide, heel twists, hop, toe tap/heel kick
1,2Take two walking steps for R,L
3&4Cross R behind L leg, tapping R toe to the ground twice, then slide to the R with R
5&6Bring L to meet R and with feet together, twist on balls of the feet pointing heels RL, then hop forward with both feet
7,8Tap R toe down into ground, replace weight, then kick L heel forward and into the ground

SECTION 2- Hip bumps, backward step taps, stomps
1,2Place weight on L while dipping hips down and out to the L
3,4Place weight on R while dipping hips down and out to the R
5&6Step back and slightly diagonally with L, bringing R to meet L and tapping R to ground, then step back and slightly diagonally R, bringing L to meet R and tapping L to the ground
7,8Stomp down L, then R

SECTION 3- Scuff kick, turn, stomps, hip swivel, pedal steps
1,2Scuff kick L into ground, then with L knee bent and leg raised, use the momentum from the suspended L leg to turn ½ way around to the left/counterclockwise, ending facing a new wall
3&4Stomp down L, then R, then swivel hips on 4
5,6,7,8Pedal R into ground 4 times, gradually turning yourself ¼ to the left/counterclockwise, ending with weight still on L

TAG: WALL 5, 4 counts
After wall 4, there is a 4 count break in the music during which you can freestyle to mark the 4 counts. It happens approx. 1:10 into the song. I like to shake my hips.
After 4 counts freestyling, start the choreography from the top.

Only do 8 counts of the choreography on the 11th wall before starting from the top, approx. 2:49 into the song


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