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Never Forget This

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Andrés de la Rubia Albertí – April 2020
Hard to Forget (Sam Hunt)
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[1-8] Behind, side, cross, behind, side, point, cross samba, cross samba ¼ turn
1&2Step Rf behind Lf, Lf to the left, Rf cross over Lf (optional Shimmy)
3&4Step Lf to the left, Rf behind Lf, Point Lf to the left (optional Shimmy)
5&6Cross Lf over Rf, Rf to the right, recover weight to the Lf
7&8Cross Rf over Lf, Lf ¼ turn right, recover weight Rf

[9-16] Mambo left, mambo right, lockstep forward, rocking chair
1&2Lf to the left, recover weight Rf, Lf close next Rf.
3&4Rf to the right, recover weight Lf, Rf close next Lf
5&6Lf diagonal forward, Rf behind Lf, Lf diagonal forward
7&8&Rf forward, recover weight Lf, Rf back, recover weight Lf

[17-24] Kick ball cross, rock side cross, rumba box
1&2Kick Rf forward, ball Rf next Lf, cross Lf over Rf
3&4Rf to the right, recover weight Lf, Cross Rf over Lf
5&6Lf to the left, Rf beside Lf, Lf forward
7&8Rf to the right, Lf beside Rf, Rf back

[25-32] Shuffle back (L&R), coaster step ½ turn, rock side, touch
1&2Lf back, Rf next Lf, Lf back
3&4Rf back, Lf next Rf, Rf back
5&6Lf back, Rf beside Lf, Lf ½ turn left (optional sailor step )
7&8Rf to the right, recover weight Lf, touch Rf next Lf

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