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Never Too Much

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Brenda Shatto (USA) - December 2021
Too Much - Outasight
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Notation: 4 count tag after wall 4 and 8 facing 12:00.
Intro: 4 counts (2 seconds), start on the words "I wanna..." Option: Start with L heel diagonally forward (count 1).

[1-8] Heel Jack x2, R forward, ½ turn left, triple forward RLR
1&2&Touch L heel forward, step L next to R, tap R toe next to L, step back on R
3&4Touch L heel forward, step L next to R, tap R toe next to L
5,6Step forward R, ½ turn left (6:00)
7&8Step forward on R, close L to R, step forward on R

[9-16] Charleston step, ¼ side-rock-cross, right side-together-side
1234Kick L forward, step L in place, kick R back, step R in place (Option: replace kick with touch)
5&6L forward, ¼ turn right recover to R, cross L over R (9:00)
7&8R to right, L next to R, R to right (Option: add knee action open-close-open)

[17-24] Paddle X3 making ¾ turn right, L cross, R heel grind, R behind-side-cross
1&2&¼ turn right & push ball of L to left, recover to R, ¼ turn right push ball of L to left, recover to R (3:00)
3&4¼ turn right & push ball of L to left, recover to R, cross L over R (6:00)
5,6Take weight on R heel at right diagonal with toes pointing left, fan toes to right and recover to L
(Option: tap R heel to right diagonal two times)
7&8Cross R behind, L to side, cross R over L

[25-32] Heel taps X2, L behind-¼ R forward, L forward, R forward, ½ left, chase ½ right
1,2Tap L heel to left diagonal two times
3&4Cross L behind R, turn ¼ right step R forward, L forward (9:00)
5,6R forward, turn ½ left take weight L* (3:00)
7&8R forward, turn ½ left take weight L, small step forward on R (9:00)
(Option for counts 5-8: substitute a R rock-recover, R coaster step)

Tag 1- 4 counts.
[1-4] V step
1,2,3,4L diagonally forward and push hip to left, R to right and push hip right, L back, R next to L

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Joan Price January 25, 2022
Wonderful, playful, joyful dance by Brenda Shatto. The steps aren't difficult, and there's plenty of opportunity for styling. I love this dance.

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