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Never Walk Away

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Improver NC
Annika Hermansson (SWE) - November 2016
Never Walk Away - Magnus Carlsson : (Album: Live Forever - track 7)
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Start Dance on vocals after 16 sec. Start with weight on Left

Tag: After wall 2. 4 counts,
Side touch, side touch. R to R side L touch beside, L to L side, R touch beside

[1-8&1] R Basic nightclub, L Basic nightclub, R ¼ turn, L step ¼ turn with L cross, R ¼ L turn, L ¼ L turn, R cross
1-2&R to R side, Rock back on L, recover with R cross over L
3-4&L to L side, Rock back on R, recover with L cross over R
5Step R ¼ turn forward,
6&7Step L forward with ¼ turn, L cross over R
8&1Step back on R with a ¼ L turn, Step L to L side with a ¼ L turn, R cross in front,

[2-8] L Rumba box, L to L side, R mambo,
2&3Step L to L side, step R beside L, step L forward.
4&5Step R to R side, step L beside R, step R back.
6Step L to L side.
7&8R rock forward recover on L step R beside L

[1-8&1] L mambo, ¼ turn with sway sway, R step back, L sweep behind side, R sweep behind side
1&2L rock back recover on R, step L beside R.
3-4Step R with a ¼ left turn, with R sway and L sway
5Step R behind L
6&7L sweep behind R, R to side, L forward
8&1R sweep infront of L, L step back, R step back

[2-8] L coaster step, Step lock step, step turn step
2&3Step L back, R step beside L, L step forward
4&5Step R forward, L behind R, R step forward
6-7Step L forward turn ½
8Step L forward

Start over

Optional ending:-
After R ¼ left turn with R sway and L sway,
Make Step R back with a ¼ turn to the front wall and cross L over R.



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