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New Rules cq Christina

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High Improver
Dud Fery (INA) - March 2018
New Rules - Dua Lipa
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# 1. Lock Shuffle. Lock Shuffle. Out Out. In - In.
1&2.Left forward. Right beside L. Left forward.
3&4.Right forward. Left beside R. Right forward.
5-6.Left forward. Right forward
7-8.Left backward. Right backward.

#2. Chasse L. Turn quarter Left. Chasse R. Samba whisk L. Samba whisk R.
1&2.Left side to L. Right beside to L. Left side to L.
3&4.Right side turning quarter to L. Left beside to R. Right side to R.
5a6.Left backcross behind to R. Right in place. Left forward.
7-8.Right backcross behind to L. Left in place.

#3. Diagonal Lock shuffle R. Hinge turn to Left. Lock shuffle L. Side R point. Hinge turn to Left. Lock shuffle.
1&2.Right forward diagonal. Left beside to R. Right forward.
3&4.Turn to L 67' Left forward. Right beside to L. Left forward.
5&6.Right side point to R. Left in place. Right cross over to L.
7&8.Left forward turning quarter to L. Right beside to L. Left forward.

#4. Side Sway. Flick. Turn 1/4 L. Lock shuffle. Fwd 1/4 R Flick.
1-2.R side to Right. Sway.
3-4.Sway. Left leg flick 1/4 L.
5&6.L fwd. R behind to L. L fwd.
7-8.R fwd to L. L leg flick 1/4 R.

Tag wall 4 . Mambo fwd. Mambo bwd.
1&2.L forwd. R in place. L close to R.
3&4.R backfwd. L in place. R close to L.

Happy enjoy dance..!!!



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