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Night After Night

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Russibell Seoh - December 2018
Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다 By 인순이
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Intro : 48 Counts ( Free Style dance)
Sequence : 48 32 48 40 48 48 32 48 48

Sec 1. R Side, L Cross, R Side, Fwd L Kick, L Side, R Cross Touch, R Side, L Cross Touch.
123R Side, L Cross, R Side ( Body Facing 1;30)
(Point the right index finger to the sky)
4Turn Your body to the front and L Kick (Facing 12:00)
5678L Side, R Cross Touch, R Side, L Cross Touch
Sec 2. L SIde, R Cross, L Side, Fwd R Kick, R Side, L Cross Touch, L Side , R Cross Touch.
123L Side, R Cross , L Side(Body Facing10:30)
(Point the right index finger to the sky)
4Turn your body to the front and R Kick ( Facing 12:00)
5678R Side, L Cross Touch, L SIde, R Cross Touch

Sec 3. Heels Swivels RLR 1/4 R Turn LF Flick , Switch Step.
1234Heel Swivels R L R ( To The Right ), L Back ,Flick 1/4 To The R Turn (3:00)
5678L Side Point, L Step Next to R, R Side Point, R Step Next To L

Sec 4. R Weave, Jazz Box Hitch
1234L Cross R, R Side, L Behind, R Side
5678L Cross R, R Back, L Side, R Hitch
Restart : Here Is wall 2 &Wall 7

Sec 5. Heels Swivels RLR , L Flick , L Stomp, Hold , Jump & R Cross , 1/2 Unwind Turn to L
1234Heels Swivels R L R ( To The Right), L Back Flick
5678L Stomp, Hold, Jump on both feet and R cross L, 1/2 Unwind Turn To L ( Weight On LF)( 9:00)
Restart : Here Is Wall 4

Sec 6. R Cross Toe Strut , L Side Rock, R Recover, L Toe Strut , R Side Rock , L Recover
1234R Toe Cross Touch, R Heel Down, L Side Rock , R Recover
5678L Toe Cross Touch, L Heel Down,R SIde Rock , L Recover

No Tag !! / 3 Restarts

Restart 1: On Wall 2 (9:00) & Wall 7(12:00) Dance 32 Counts and Restart The Dance Facing Wall 3 ( 12:00) & Wall 8 (3:00)

Restart 2 : On Wall 4 (9:00) Dance 40 Counts and Restart The dance facing wall 5 ( 6:00)

Happy Dancing With Big Smile ~~~~^__________^

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Hann21921 December 19, 2018
Cute, charming, and uplifting. Full of life. Very nice dance, and very nice song.

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