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Night Like This

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Tara Busbridge (UK) - May 2011
A Night Like This - Caro Emerald : (CD Single - 3:46)
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[1-8] Side Together, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, ¼ Left Shuffle
1-2Right to the right side, step left to right side
3&4Right side shuffle, stepping right left right
5-6Rock left across right, recover back onto right
7&8¼ turn left shuffle, stepping left, right, left (09.00)

[9-16] ¾ Unwind Turn Left, Side Shuffle, Left rock back, Left Kick Ball Cross
1-2Step on right unwind ¾ turn left, forward on right unwind to right ¾
3&4Right side shuffle, stepping right, left, right
5-6Left rock back, recover on right
7&8Left kick, ball left, step right over left (12.00)

[17-24] Side Together, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, ¼ Right Shuffle
1-2Left to the left side, step right to left side
3&4Left side shuffle, stepping left right left
5-6Rock right across left, recover back onto left
7&8¼ turn right shuffle, stepping right, left, right (03.00)

[25- 32] ¾ Unwind Turn Right, Side Shuffle, Right rock back, Right Kick Ball Cross
1-3Step on Left unwind ¾ turn Right, forward on Left unwind to Left ¾
3&4Left side shuffle, stepping left, right, left
5-6Right rock back, recover on Left
7&8Right kick, ball right, step left over right (6.00) (*)

[33-40] Side Rock, ¼ Right Sailor, Left Forward Rock, ½ Left Shuffle
1-2Rock right to the right side, recover on the left
3&4Sweep right behind left turning ¼ right, rock on right, recover on left
5-6Rock left forward, recover onto right
7&8Turn half turn left, stepping left right left (09.00)

[41-48] Right Rock, Heel Switches, Skate, Skate, Left Shuffle
1-2Rock onto right, recover onto left
3&4Ball right center, left heel forward, left ball to center, right heel forward
&5-6Ball right center, skate left, skate right
7&8Left shuffle, stepping left, right, left (09.00)

[49-56] Rock, Half Turn Right Shuffle, Rock Forward and Full Turn Triple
1-2Rock forward on right, recover on left
3&4Turn ½ turn over right shoulder stepping right, left, right
5,6Rock forward on left, recover on right (**)
7&8Make full turn over left shoulder, stepping left, right, left (03.00)

[57-64] Rock, ¾ Turn, Rock, ¼ Sailor Step
1-2Right rock forward, recover on left
3&4Make ¾ turn over right shoulder, stepping right, left, right (12:00)
5-6Left rock forward, recover on right
7&8Sweep left behind right turning ¼ to left, step left behind right, right to side, left forward (09.00)

Start again

* Walls 2 & 5 dance to count 32 and restart
** Wall 7, dance to count 54, ¼ left turn, sailor step, then restart


Kate May 30, 2011
Love the dance! Let's have more, Tara.

Flick May 30, 2011
It's a great dance. Love it. Well done Tara.

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