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No Diggity Blues

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Darren Bailey (UK) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - December 2013
No Diggity - Oli Brown : (Album: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose)
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Intro : 52 counts - (N.B. Clock notation is the direction you are facing)

Dorothy R, Syncopated Lock Steps L, Hitch R, Hiproll R, Hiproll L With 1/4 Turn R
1-2&Rf step diagonal forward, Lf lock behind Rf, Rf step diagonal forward
3&4Lf step diagonal forward left, Rf lock behind Lf, Lf step diagonal forward
&Rf hitch right knee
5Rf step to right and start Hiproll CCW
6Bump hip to left (weight remains on Rf)
7Take weight onto Lf and start Hiproll CW
8Make 1/4 turn right bumping hip to right (weight remains on Lf) ((3.00)

Ball/Step, Forward R, 1/4 Turn L, Cross, 3/4 Turn R, Lunge Forward L, Recover R, 1/4 Turn R, Weave R, Hitch R
&1Rf step next to Lf, Lf step forward
2&Rf step forward, make 1/4 turn left finishing with weight on Lf (12.00)
3&4Rf cross in front of Lf, make 1/4 turn right stepping Lf back (3.00), make 1/2 turn right stepping Rf forward (9.00)
5Make big step forward on Lf
6Recover onto Rf
&7Lf step back, make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right (12.00)
&Lf cross in front of Rf
8Rf hitch knee

Cross, Side L, Syncopated Sailor R, Step Forward L, Sweep R From Back To Front, Cross, 1/4 Turn R, Side R, Cross With Releve 1/2 turn L
1-2Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step left
&3&Rf cross behind Lf, Lf step left, Rf step diagonal forward right
4-5Lf step forward , start sweeping Rf from back to front
6&Rf cross in front of Lf , Lf step back
7&Make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right, Lf cross in front of Rf (3.00)
8Whilst stepping Rf to right Make 1/2 turn left on ball of Rf lifting your left straight leg from the floor (9.00)

Step L To L, Hold, Touch R Forward, Hip Bump R, L Rock L, Recover R, Tripple Full Turn L
1-2Lf step to left, hold
3-4Rf touch toes forward whilst bumping hip forward, take weight onto Rf
5-6Lf rock to left, recover onto Rf
7&8Make tripple full turn left (L,R,L) (9.00)

This dance was choreographed for Berth Ek for his 10 years party at AdventsSparken!



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