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Beginner / Intermediate
Tonny van Donk (NL) - 2020
Not Counting You - Garth Brooks
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Side Cross. Toe Strut Walk, Monterey Turn Comb.
1RF step side on toe
2RF heel down
3LF step toe across RF
4LF heel down
5RF touch toe side
6RF slide beside 1/2 turn R
7LF touch toe side
8LF step beside RF
9RF step side on toe
10RF heel down
11LF step toe across RF
12LF heel down
13RF touch toe side
14RF slide beside 1/2 turn R
15LF touch toe side
16LF step beside RF

Right Turing Vine, Scuff, Pivot, Step, Scuff
17RF step side
18LF cross behind RF
19RF step forward 1/4 turn R
20LF scuff
21LF step forward
221/2 turn R
23LF step forward
24RF scuff

Right Vine, Together, Left Traveling Swivel
25RF step side
26LF cross behind RF
27RF step side
28LF step together
29swivel heels L
30swivel toes L
31swivel heels L
32swivel toes R

Sliding Stroll, Scuff
33RV step forward
34LV slide beside RF
35RV step forward
36LV scuff
37LV step forward
38RV slide beside LF
39LV step forward
40RV scuff

Right Vine, Scuff, Slow Backward Roll
41RF step side
42LF cross behind RF
43RF step side
44LF scuff
45LF step back 1/2 turn R
47RF step forward 1/2 turn R

Diamond, Side Crossing Toe Strut Walk
49LF step across RF
50RF small step back
51LF small step side
52RF step across LF
53LF step side on toe
54LF heel down
55RF step toe across LF
56RF heel down

Left Vine, Together, Right Traveling Swivel
57LV step side
58RV cross behind LF
59LV step forward 1/4 turn L
60RV step beside LF
61swivel heels R
62swivel toes R
63swivel heel R
64swivel toes R
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