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No More Lonely Night

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Phrased Intermediate
Rex Chuan (USA) - March 2022
No More Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney
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Tags: 1 - Restarts: 2

Start: There is no instrumental intro, so skip the first four counts of vocal and use it as hint to start at count 5 (or 4).

Sequence :A,t,A,B,A,A,B,A, A12,A,B,A,A12,t,t,A12,t,t,A,A,A,A16 (Don't panic, just match the music and over time it becomes intuitive )

Part A (28 counts)
S1: Forward, Kick Ball Change, Hitch, Ba k, Rock Recover, Forward, Pivot Turn
12&3Step LF forwards(1), kick RF forwards(2), ball step RF in place(&), step LF forwards(3)
45678Hitch RF(4), push step RF backwards(5),rock LF backwards(6), R quarter turn and recover weight on RF(7), step LF forward(8) and pivot R half turn for next step (9:00)

S2: Forward, Shuffle Turn, Rock Recover, Side Tap, Sway Tap, Side, Tap
12&3Step RF forwards(1), step LF forwards(2), R quarter turn and step RF in place(&), R quarter turn and step RF in place(3)
456Rock RF backwards(4), recover LF(5), tap RF R(6)
7&8&Weigh on RF(7), tap LF together(&), R quarter turn and step LF L(8), tap RF together(&) (6:00)

S3: Back Slide, Hook, Forward, Lock Step, Forward, Forward Lock Step, forward, forward, Hitch, Swivel Forward, Rock Recover
12&3&4&Push step RF backwards(1), hook LF(2), step LF forwards(&), step LF forwsrds(3), lock RF in(&), step RF forwards(4), lock LF in(&)
5678&Step RF forwards(5), hitch LF and R swivel half turn(6), step LF forwards(7), rock RF R(8), recover(&) (12:00)

S4: Jazz Box With Turn, Lock Step
1234&Cross RF(1), R quarter turn and step LF backwards(2), Rock RF backwards(3), recover(4), lock RF in(&,*in case of connecting to part B, skip this step) (3:00)

Part B (12ct +2ct tag)
S1: Side Tap, Flick, Side, Together, Cross, Side Tap, Flick Side, Together, Cross
1&234Tap RF R(1), flick RF(&), step RF R(2), step LF together(3), cross RF(4)
5&678Tap LF L(1), flick LF(&), step LF L(2), step RF together(3), cross LF(4) (12:00)

S2: Forward, Hitch Swivel, Back, Forward, Forward, Pivot Turn
123456R quarter turn and step RF forwsrds(1), hitch LF(2) and swivel R half turn, step LF backwrds(3), step RF backwards(4), step LF forwards(5), step RF forwards(6) and swivel L half turn for next step (12:00)

Tag(2 Counts): Step LF forwards(1), step RF forwards (2) and swivel L half turn ready for next step

Enjoy the dance!


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