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No Smoke

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K. Sholes (USA) - November 2013
No Smoke - Michelle Lawson
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Seq: AA,B, AA,B, AA,B, A,Tag, AA,B, AA

PART A - 16 counts
Rock, Recover, Cha-chas, Step-drags, Step-pivot1/2-Cha-Cha
1 2 3&4Rock back L, Recover R, Step L, Step R next to L, Step L.
5 6 7&8Rock back R, Recover L, Step R, Step L next to R, Step R.

1 2 3 4Step forward L, Drag R next to L, Step forward R, Drag L next to R.
5 6 7&8Step forward L, Pivot 1/2 to right (keeping weight on L) Step R, Step L together, Step R.

*Repeat Part A

PART B - 32 counts
Point, Pause, Cross, Pauses. Touch, Hip-bumps
1 2 3 4Point L to side, Pause, Cross L over R, Pause.
5 6 7 8Point R to side, Pause, Cross R over L, Pause.

1-4 5-8Point L to Side, Pause, Cross L over R, Touch R next to L, Bump R hip 4 counts.

Rock-Recovers, Cross Cha-chas, Heel, Toe, Heel-jack, Step, Hip-bumps
1 2 3&4Rock R to side, Recover L, Cross R over L, Step L to side, Cross R over L.
5 6 7&8Rock L to side, Recover R, Cross L over R, Step R to side, Cross L over R.

1 2 3&4Tap R heel forward, Touch R toe next to L, Step on R, Tap L heel forward, Step on L & touch R toe next to L.
5 6 7 8Step on R, Bump L hip 3 counts.

TAG on 6th rotation dance part A once to turn to back of room (facing 6:00) then...
* [1-8] Touch forward L pushing L hip forward, Pause, Step on L, Pause, Touch forward R pushing R hip forward, Pause, Step on R, Pause

[1-8] Walk L forward, Pause, Walk R forward, Pause, Rock back L, Pause, Recover R, Pause.

[1-8] Repeat above * 8 count

[1-8] Walk L forward, Pause, Walk R forward, Pause, Step Forward L, Pause, Pivot 1/2 to right.

Begin Again! Enjoy!



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