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Intermediate Cha Cha
Simon Ward (AUS): Maddison Glover (AUS): Niels Poulsen (DK): November 2018
More than friends by James Hype feat. Kelli-Leigh. 123 bpm. Track length: 2.20. Buy on iTunes etc
Intro: 32 counts from main beat (app. 31 secs. into track). Start with weight on L foot
EASY Restart: On wall 4, after 16 counts, facing 12:00. See description at bottom of page
[1 – 9] Walk RLR, L step lock step, step R fwd, ½ L, L coaster cross
1 – 3Walk R fwd (1), walk L fwd (2), walk R fwd (3) …
Styling during the chorus when they sing What’s it gonna BE: throw R arm fwd and up snapping fingers on count 1 12:00
4&5Step L fwd (4), lock R behind L (&), step L fwd (5) 12:00
6 – 7Step R fwd (6), turn ½ L keeping the weight back on R foot (7) 6:00
8&1Step back on L (8), step R next to L (&), cross L over R (1) 6:00

[10 – 17] Point R, flick R, weave, Hold, ball cross, L scissor step with 1/8 R
2 – 3Point R to R side (2), flick R up and backwards (3) 6:00
4&5Cross R over L (4), step L to L side (&), cross R behind L (5) 6:00
6&7Hold (6), step L to L side (&), cross R over L (7) 6:00
8&1Step L to L side (8), step R behind L (&), cross L over R turning 1/8 R (1) 7:30

[18 – 25] ¼ L back, ½ L fwd, R step lock step, Hold, ball step ¼ R, Hold, ball step sweep 1/8 R
2 – 3Turn ¼ L stepping back on R (2), turn ½ L on R stepping L fwd (3) 10:30
4&5Step R fwd (4), lock L behind R (&), step R fwd (5) 10:30
6&7Hold (6), step L behind R (&), turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (7) 1:30
8&1Hold (8), step L behind R (&), turn 1/8 R stepping R fwd sweeping L fwd at the same time (1) 3:00

[26 – 32] Cross side, L sailor step, cross side, ¼ R into R coaster step
2 – 3Cross L over R (2), step R to R side (3) 3:00
4&5Cross L behind R (4), step R to R side (&), step L to L side keeping body open to L diag. (5) 3:00
6 – 7Cross R over L (6), step L to L side (7) …
Styling on wall 6: shake shoulders to hit the strong beats in the music 3:00
8&Turn ¼ on L stepping back on R (8), step L next to R (&) …
(start dance again stepping R fwd on count 1) 6:00

Start Again!

Restart: On wall 4 you restart the dance after 16 counts. However, you change count 16 to a HOLD and then add a small step back on L on an &-count to Restart the dance facing 12:00

Ending: Wall 8 is your last wall (starts at 6:00). You finish when doing the coaster cross on counts 8&1 during section 1. You’re now facing 12:00 again

Simon Ward (AUS): bellychops@hotmail.com
Maddison Glover (AUS): maddisonglover94@gmail.com
Niels Poulsen (DK): nielsbp@gmail.com

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